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Air Conditioner Won`t Turn On

An air conditioner that won’t start is the most common complaint from our customers. There can be many reasons for an air conditioner malfunction that can’t start. Some of them are simple – you can fix them by yourself. And there are more complicated ones, which require qualified assistance of service center specialist.

The air conditioner can be defective in 2 cases:

In the first case, the problem is definitely improper installation. In the second case, depending on the nature of the malfunction, but certainly you can prevent the cause of the breakdown.

After a long time of conditioner use, it is possible to distinguish the following reasons why conditioner does not turn on:

  • Electrical, including a lack of power, a faulty control board and a broken interconnect;
  • Failure of the control board or the receiver module in the air conditioner;
  • An air conditioner protection mode that gives an error message.

Electrical problems with the air conditioner

If the problem is a lack of power, the first thing to check is the connection of the air conditioner. It can be plugged in with a plug or a circuit breaker. In the first case, you just need to check. If everything is plugged in, but the air conditioner does not work, it is worth seeing if the outlet is broken. This can be done with an indicator screwdriver or a multimeter.

If there is power at the outlet, you need to check the air conditioner itself. You need to determine if there is voltage on the terminals of the indoor or outdoor unit. If there is, then the problem is in the internal circuit board of the air conditioner. And if not, that means you need to change the power cable, as it may be punctured.

We’ve looked at the options if the air conditioner is powered by the outlet. But what to do if it receives power from the electric switchboard?

You need to start with checking whether the circuit breaker on the switchboard is switched off. How to do this? According to the inscriptions on the switchboard, find which fuse gives power to the air conditioner. If you have turned everything on, and the indoor unit is still not working, you need to measure the voltage at the input and output. If there is no power at the output, the breakage is in the automatic unit, and if there is, the problem is in the power cable. It needs to be replaced.


In general, repairing such breakdowns you will need basic tools: pliers, indicator screwdriver, voltmeter, etc. But if you do not have the basic skills of working with electrical appliances, it is better to contact the professionals.

Malfunction of the remote control

Modern air conditioners most often come with remote controls. They work by means of infrared beams. There may be a problem with batteries, which just need to be changed.


Air conditioner in protection by mistake

Every air conditioner has a self-diagnostic system that prevents air conditioner parts from failing. How do you know if your air conditioner is in error protection mode? In this condition, you can usually notice a flashing on the outside panel of the indoor unit. If you have a wall-mounted remote, it may display one of these error codes:

  • E2, A5
  • 00-00
  • Err 02

You can find the deciphering in the manual of your air conditioner. But what can be causes of such breakage? They can be different: sensors of pressure in a refrigerating circuit could work. The compressor could overheat or the current consumption was exceeded. There can be a bunch of different reasons. But if you could not fix the problem with the help of instructions, it is better to call a master. We are here when you need us to service both your residential and commercial properties. Just give us a call!


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