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What Is the Difference Between an Air Conditioner and a Heat Pump?

The primary difference between these two NVAC systems is that usually the A/C unit does not provide heating, but the heat pump does. It has two options: heating and cooling, whereas A/C is typically paired with a furnace to provide heat during the cold season.

Heat pumps and air conditioners share common internal components, but their mode of operation is completely different. The operating mode of heat pumps is known as the reverse cooling cycle, while air conditioners operate with a regular steam compression cycle…However, there are many other factors that differentiate these two systems.

Usage difference of these two systems

Air conditioners are mainly used for cooling and maintaining comfortable conditions at high temperatures. As for heat pumps, their main function is to keep the room heated in very low atmospheric temperatures. However, the key difference between their use is that a heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling, while an air conditioner is strictly used for cooling; although, if you are aware of energy consumption, an air conditioner will perform better because it is more energy efficient. Confusing part, in summer time, the air conditioner and heat pump is the exactly same thing and provide the same cooling option for your house and even the same.

The main function of the condenser in a heat pump is to generate heat for the room and it is placed in the room to heat. The room stays heated as the air blows around the condenser and absorbs heat, and then returns back to the room. However, the condenser in an air conditioner is used to remove heat to the atmosphere, and it is placed outside the room to cool.

The cooling effect provided by air conditioners is created by the cooling coil, which is also the evaporator. It is the main functioning component in an air conditioner, and although it is located inside the room to be cooled, in a heat pump it is outside the room in which the heating is done, and here it is used to absorb heat from the atmosphere, which is at a lower temperature.

Comparing overall use, heat pumps are ideal for year-round use in places with moderate temperatures, such as the mid-south of the United States. It can be set to cool in hot summers and reconfigured to heat in the spring and fall. In places that are quite hot during the year, such as San Diego city, heat pumps will be of little use, and it is better to invest in a more energy efficient air conditioner but of course, the choice is yours. Before you decide on buying an air conditioner or heating unit, it is crucial to assess you needs and consider your options. From our side, we promise a professional service. Our SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning team is proud with our highly trained technicians in San Diego. They are skilled and knowledgeable to service your heat pump system, as well as you’re A/C system with high quality and care.

Any issue will be promptly diagnosed and professionally fixed in a short time, and your system can be always taken care of throughout its lifespan. The team at SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning is waiting for your call. We are always ready to provide you a professional replacement now. An expertly installed heat pump or an air conditioner is the foundation of a comfortable Lakeside home.

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