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Central heating circulating pump: Troubleshooting guide

Any malfunction of the heating pump leads to the fact that the entire system stops. Pleasant in what happened is not enough, because without heat the house will not be comfortable and cozy. It is important to immediately seek the help of a specialist in a service center or, if you have the tools and the appropriate skills, to perform repairs of the heating circulating pump with your own hands. In this article we will give tips on the prevention of breakdowns, as well as consider the most common damage to heating systems.

Maintenance Rules

The life of the heating equipment depends on proper operation. By following some simple rules, you will save the property from damage:

  • If there is no liquid in the pipeline, the pump should not be turned on;
  • How low or high the flow depends on the smooth operation of the device. If the flow rate is incorrect, the unit may fail;
  • To prevent oxidation and shaft blockage during downtime, turn the pump on once a month for a quarter of an hour. This will extend the life of the moving parts;
  • Monitor the temperature of the water in the water supply line. The ideal value is ~149º.

Exceeding the norm leads to the precipitation of hard salts and rapid deterioration of technical equipment. From time to time (preferably at least once a month) pay attention to maintenance. Such preventive step ensures smooth operation of the system and prevents untimely failure, and therefore the repair of the heating circulating pump.

Check regularly that the equipment is in good working order. The check scheme includes a visual inspection and qualitative indicators of the system operation:

  • After turning on the heater, make sure that there are no unusual noises and vibrations in the system;


  • Check whether the water pressure corresponds to that stated in the specification (datasheet);


  • Check the heating of the appliance; it should not be excessive;


  • Check that there is earthing between the body of the appliance and the terminal;


  • Check that there are no leaks where the equipment connects to the piping. Retighten connections and replace gaskets if necessary;


  • Check the condition of the wires in the terminal box, and it should be free of moisture.
7 Central Heating Pump Problems

Many typical heating equipment faults can be repaired by your own efforts. It is enough to have an idea of the design of the pump, a set of tools and minimal knowledge of repair. It is also important to know how to disassemble the heating circulating pump. Before repairing the damage, check the power supply. The voltage should match the stated voltage on the data sheet.

Below are common heating pump faults, their causes and methods of solving problems.

Problem 1. Noisy heating pump

  • The pump has been idle for a long time and the motor shaft has oxidized
  • Disassembly of the heating pump begins with disconnecting the power supply;
  •  Release the pump and the adjacent piping from the remaining coolant;
  • Remove the screws fixing the pump housing and the motor;
  • Disassemble the electric motor and rotor;

It is necessary, resting on the working notch, to turn the rotor by hand.

2. Foreign object blocking the wheel

  • Disconnect the heater;
  • Remove the heating medium from the pump and the adjoining pipes;
  • Remove the screws fixing the housing and the motor;
  • Remove the foreign object;
  • Insert a strainer to protect the inlet connection from dirt and scale.

Problem 2. The equipment does not rotate and does not make a characteristic sound

Use a tester to check the power supply and terminal voltage, and properly connect the unit to the power supply. Many models have a fuse, which blows quickly due to power surges. The solution is to replace the fuse.

Problem 3. The circulating pump makes a noise when turned on

When air accumulates in the pipeline, an uncharacteristic noise appears. The solution is to let the air out of the pipes. If you install an automatic unit at the top of the pipeline, the air will be vented automatically.

Problem 4. Heating equipment does not turn on

The problem is with the power supply. Check the phases and fuses. If an inspection doesn’t fix the situation, the actuator winding is most likely burned out. In this case, self-repair is not possible.

Problem 5. Pump cycles on, but shuts off after a few minutes.

If the wires are connected incorrectly, then it is necessary to carry out repair of circulation pump with your own hands. Look in the terminal box and check the connection of the wires by phase. Also, if your fuse contact is weak, you need to remove it and clean any clogged elements.

Problem 6. Severe pump vibration.

The most common cause of heating pump repair with your own hands is bearing vibration. Replacing the part eliminates the malfunction.

Problem 7. Insufficient pump head

Any equipment requires regular maintenance and in time repairs to make sure it always operates correctly. SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning provides top-notch heat pump repairs and service. A heat pump is an important item in your home that can serve both your heating and cooling needs. We are here to anytime restore comfort in your property.

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