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What Makes an A/C Compressor Stop Working?

High-precision control allows precise control of temperature parameters, and additional functions create a favorable climate. Correctly chosen and installed air conditioners are able to work for many years, but any complex equipment has its weak points. Some reasons of split-systems failure are caused by improper maintenance, others – by objective circumstances.

The most common cause of this malfunction is the disconnection of this element as a result of overheating. The problem may have the following explanations:

  • The radiator of the outdoor unit is sealed with dirt to such an extent that it causes a protective opening of the compressor circuit. Regular preventive maintenance of the unit will save you from this problem.


  • Excessive refrigerant in the air conditioner leads to overloading of the compressor and imbalance in the condenser and evaporator circuits. You should check the pressure and if it exceeds the permissible norm, pump out the excess refrigerant. Simply releasing refrigerant into the air is prohibited by the guidelines.


  • The outdoor unit fan has failed or is blocked by debris, branches, etc.


  • Capillary tubes are clogged with dirt, moisture or chips. The cause of their failure to pass may be poor quality installation. It is better to trust professionals to replace the tubes.


  • The dehumidifier may also be clogged with moisture and dirt. The solution to the problem is to replace the filter.


In addition to overheating, the cause of compressor malfunction can be low temperature outside the window. In some models the cooling mode simply does not start in this situation. At work on heating the conditioner also has its disadvantages: it cannot start at temperatures lower than specified in the instructions.


The cause of compressor failure may be a breakdown of the winding. If you understand the work of electrical devices, it will not be difficult for you to measure the resistance between the leads, preliminarily disconnect the voltage and get to the underwater wires. It is better to entrust this procedure to SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning company. Reach out to us and our specialists will correctly diagnose the issue during an in-house inspection. At this point we will be able to provide several solutions on it based on the case. We will provide you with an expert advice on the further options in details, so you can choose a reasonable decision which is most fitting to your needs.

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