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Why Now Is The Best Time To Check Your Heating System?

The heating season is the best time to check the optimal functioning of the heating and ventilation system. This will ensure comfort and reasonable energy consumption.

In housing unit, heating consumes the most energy and therefore has the greatest impact on the climate. Home heating, ventilation, and water heating need to work together and have a controlling effect on each other. All technologies must work well together to maintain the comfort of living

The right room temperature is the starting point for comfortable and energy-efficient living. In living rooms, a temperature of 68 degrees is suitable, while in the bedroom the best sleep comes at a temperature a degree or two lower. By contrast, it can be much cooler in warehouses and garages.

-The bathroom also doesn’t need much heating. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to check the floor temperature and the setting of the heating system. If necessary, you can use a time controller for underfloor heating, if available.

At the beginning of the heating season the balcony door and windows should be closed to prevent heat leakage into the gables. It is a good idea to ventilate the apartment as soon as possible.

– Feeling a draft may encourage you to raise the room temperature above the recommended values. Before you pull out the thermostat, check the seals on windows and doors and make sure the fresh-air dampers on supply windows and other vents are in the winter position. Even in winter, however, you shouldn’t completely close or block the vents.

You should also make sure that the temperature setting of the supply air heating resistor or the heating water radiator of the air handling unit is set correctly. The correct and energy efficient supply air temperature is between 16 and 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Too high a temperature prevents air movement in the dwelling and operation of the ventilation system with the heating system, so you should pay attention to the following.

It is important not to forget about regular maintenance and to do it in time to reset your heating equipment and set it up for the new season. If you ignore the need for regular maintenance, your heating system will have to work at its limit to keep your home warm. This will lead to rapid wear of the mechanisms and the need for serious repairs in the future.

SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning specialists use special equipment to identify faulty mechanisms. Based on the results of the diagnostics, we set up the heating equipment to ensure its efficient operation throughout the winter.

Regular maintenance helps to avoid serious breakdowns and is much cheaper than urgent repairs. The standard service process takes no more than one hour. The specialist checks the serviceability of all working mechanisms so that your heating system is fully prepared for the winter. Regular maintenance will significantly extend the life of your heating equipment and avoid serious breakdowns during operation.

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