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Why Is My Underfloor Heating Not Warm Enough?

If the underfloor heating does not work at all or the thermostat is broken, repair and installation work should always be arranged by a professionals.

The thermostat controls the temperature with a sensor connected to it. Especially with older thermostats, the temperature setting is more approximate. For example, in older bimetallic thermostats, a temperature setting of 70°F meant that the thermostat would turn the floor heating on when the temperature dropped below 63°F, and turn it off when the temperature exceeded 75°F.

The heat is transferred to the floor for some time after the thermostat commands it to turn off, so the floor feels warm even when the thermostat is off. This phenomenon can also be due to the usual delay in heating the floor, which may be turned on in the morning, for example, and the floor surface itself only becomes warm by evening.

The thermostat that controls the underfloor heating often lights up when the underfloor heating is on. If you find that the floor feels too warm, you can start by lowering the temperature on the thermostat and wait until the next day, for example, to see how the system responds.

The contractor can check to see if the floor heating is on a timer at the wrong time. If necessary, you can replace the thermostat with a modern electronic model. Underfloor heating operation can also be checked with a thermal imaging camera.

Do not wait until your heating system is completely broken. If you have noticed minor malfunctions in the operation of heating equipment or have used the furnace for a long time and have never called a specialist for service, it’s time to contact SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning. Our technician will come to the specified address, inspect it, provide maintenance and replace components if necessary. By contacting us in time, you can be sure that the comfort in your home will remain in any weather.

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