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AC Blowing Hot/Warm Air: How to Fix?

Although most of the problems that cause the air conditioner to blow hot air require professional repair, some common problems are easy to fix on your own.

  • Check the thermostat

Make sure the thermostat is set to “cold.” If you have a heat pump and it is in “heat” mode, it will blow hot air.

Also make sure the fan is set to “auto” mode. When the air conditioner fan is in “on” mode, it will blow air even after reaching the desired temperature.

  • Check the air controller

Locate your air controller. It is usually located in your attic, basement, or closet. Notice if there is a humming sound, which could indicate a refrigerant leak.

A refrigerant leak requires professional repair. However, you can open the air diffuser and try to identify the leak detection tool.

  • Check the drain tube

The drain tube, or condensate drain, may be clogged. It is usually located near or connected to the outside of your home’s outdoor unit.

Go over the drain pipe with a stiff wire brush. The clog may clear on its own, or you can use a 1:10 mixture of bleach and water to get rid of the buildup.

When to call an HVAC service center?

A common cause of hot air is a low refrigerant charge. When the refrigerant, or coolant, is low, the air conditioner cannot produce cold air. An HVAC professional will refill the refrigerant.

Refrigerant can also leak from the coil. An HVAC technician can locate and repair the leak.

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