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How Do You Get Rid Of Rust On My HVAC System?

How do I remove rust from my HVAC system?
Removing rust from most components in the early stages is fairly easy. You can clean rusted air conditioning with a degreasing solution, sandpaper and a nylon brush. Once the rust is removed, paint it with an anti-corrosion primer to keep it working and prevent further rust.

How do I remove rust from the air conditioner condenser?
Spray the inside of the condenser with water to remove any remaining dirt. Wipe off rust spots with a sponge dipped in rust dissolver. Many rust removers come in a gel form that does not drip when applied. Wait a few minutes for the rust stains to begin to dissolve.

How do I remove rust from ducts?
If rust remains visible, spray the area with a rust remover. Allow the rust remover to stand according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wipe off the rust remover and rust residue with thin steel wool. Clean the area with water and repeat steps until all rust is gone.

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