Is a Heat Pump Worth it?

Recently, heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular, and this is not surprising. Energy prices are becoming an increasing part of the family budget, which is why savings in the form of heat pumps are highly welcome.

The Principle Of Heat Pumps Operation

Heat pumps work on a simple principle. They take the heat from an external source, whether it is air, water or land, and transfer it to the room.

The Main Advantages Of Heat Pumps Are:

  • High savings
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Unattended
  • Storage
  • Types of heat pumps

Heat pumps are classified according to where they get their heat from and where they transfer it to. The following types of heat pumps are most commonly used:

Ground/water type – heat is extracted from the ground using a surface collector or deep well.
Air/water type- in this case, the pump handles outdoor heat.
Water type – the main condition is to have a stream, river or pond behind the house with water that is not completely frozen.
Air type- this type can also be used as an air conditioner in the summer.

Heat pumps are especially well suited for well-insulated new buildings or homes that have undergone complete renovations. The reason is simple: insulation prevents heat leakage and thus reduces the required heat pump performance. If you want to buy a heat pump for an older home without insulation, experts recommend insulating the house first.

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