7 Causes of Faulty Air Conditioners

What a life! In winter – the sun shines and doesn’t warm up.
The air conditioner turns on in summer, but it doesn’t cool. Or it does not work at all!
Then it’s time to apply for an air conditioner repair service.
For example, SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning offers top-notch repairs.

So, what are the most common air conditioner malfunctions?

1. Air conditioner does not cool
There can be several reasons:
– Power of the air conditioner is not enough to cool the room in the given area at high outside temperatures
– wrong air conditioner settings
– Lack of coolant in the system
– Filters are clogged

In an air conditioner’s certificate, one always indicates the power, and nearly always, there is an indication of the size of a premise, which can be cooled by this device when it is switched at its full power. Some users tend to ignore the second parameter.

A separate topic is the settings. Ensure that they are not confused and that you have the cooling mode on, not the dehumidification mode. You can also clean the indoor unit filters, dry them, and put them back. If even this did not help – call a master and charge your conditioner with coolant.

2. the air conditioner is blowing badly
Weak airflow from the air conditioner is another problem when the air conditioner works but cools poorly. When the blowing airflow is inadequate, the room does not have time to cool the entire area. Clogged internal filters usually cause this.

3. The air conditioner switches off after 10 minutes.
It happens and for different reasons:
– Because of the settings of the air conditioner
– through compressor overheating
– Through malfunction of the control board

Maybe you set it too high a temperature. Or perhaps something has happened to the control board, and the electronic brain of the conditioner has decided that its task for today is done.

Or, maybe, the tubes, filters of a dryer or compressor’s radiator are clogged. Also, such malfunction can be the breakage of the outdoor unit cooling fan or filling too much refrigerant. As a rule, unprofessional charging leads to the last breakdown.

Here it is unequivocally necessary to address specialized repair of home appliances, which experts will be able to find and eliminate the cause of the breakage. The service technicians at SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning can handle any air conditioner repair job. Your unit will have the control module changed, filters replaced, tubes and radiator cleaned.

4. Air Conditioner turns off right after turning on
Turning it off right after switching it on is not the same as turning it off after 10 minutes of work. That is not a big difference for you, but it is for the prospects of repair. Such “minute weakness” of an air conditioner can be caused by

– breakage of temperature sensor
– Breakage of the temperature sensor of the heat exchanger
– Failure of indoor unit fan
– Breakage of the control board
– Faulty start capacitors

The air temp sensor reading is a guide for the system control board. If the task cannot be taken, the system shuts down.

5. Valve Frosting

A frozen valve inlet to the outdoor unit is a definite sign of insufficient refrigerant in the system. This leads to poor air conditioner performance and inadequate room cooling.

6. Water dripping from the indoor unit
According to the air conditioner design, the water should drain from the indoor unit through the drain hose to the outside. This is not the case if:

– The drainage system is clogged.
– The drainage system of the outdoor unit is frosted.
The latter occurs at subzero temperatures if the drainage system is not heated or is broken.

7. Noisy compressor operation
There can be many reasons: starting from the fact that a particular air conditioner model is not designed for such high loads, which have to be experienced and ending with wear and tear of compressor parts. Only SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning professionals can be trusted to diagnose such a complex mechanism as a compressor.

Don’t wait for your air conditioner to fail. If not repaired promptly, there is a very high likelihood that a lengthy comprehensive repair will be required. Even a few days without air conditioning in the summer heat in San Diego County, California, will greatly discomfort the whole family. But by calling the handypersons at SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning, you can avoid this problem.

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