You have habitually switched on the air conditioner, and the cooling process has started, but after a while, you found out that water is dripping or even pouring out of the inside unit. The liquid can flow:

– directly from the indoor unit into the room,
– Through the louvers together with the cooling airflow, as if the air conditioner is “splashing” or “spitting” with water,
– along the wall, on which the unit is installed.

Thus, as a rule, the flowing of the conditioner is not at once after switching on, but in some time – in 20-40 minutes. The intensity of the deluge directly depends on a set refrigeration temperature: the more is the difference between temperature in a premise and a set split-system, the more water will go.

Air conditioner leakage is usually caused by some kind of malfunction, and technically occurs in one of the following ways:

1. Water is not escaping from the tub through the drain path.
For example, due to a clogged drain. As the condensate tank overflows, water leaks from the split system into the room.
2. Condensate drips past the tub.
For example, if it is dislodged.
3. Water gets on the fan and the air conditioner “spits” water.

For example, this happens when the evaporator frosts due to too low condensing temperature.
Naturally, a split system leaking into the room is not a normal variant of the technique. In some cases, this behavior of the air conditioner is associated with improper installation, sometimes – with a violation of operation, but more often – with breakdowns.

Why is the water dripping from the indoor unit of a new air conditioner?
If you notice that water is leaking into the room of a newly installed air conditioner, in the vast majority of cases the reason is rooted in installation errors. Normally condensate from the evaporator is flowing down into the tray, then it is removed through the drainage way on the street or in the sewerage system. If the route is simple – water escapes by gravity. In routes with a complex configuration (large length, height difference, etc.) for the forced removal of water is placed drain pump.

When installing the split system, the following mistakes can be made:

1. Incorrect angle of the drain line. The drainage duct was installed at an insufficient angle: the water does not flow out by gravity as it should but instead pours out of the overflowing tub into the room.
2. The indoor unit is not level. If the air conditioner is not level, the tub is at an angle. In this case, it is possible for condensate to run past or drip into the tub, but because of the slope, it will run over the edge into the apartment.

3. The refrigerant piping is not insulated. Tubes connecting the outdoor and indoor units should be insulated properly. Otherwise, condensate will form on them. In places where the pipes enter the indoor unit, the moisture formed will run down the wall or drip from the indoor unit. Incorrect charging of the air conditioner (wrong type of freon, wrong amount) will cause the internal unit to freeze. Frost will melt and water will flow past the tub.

4. Clogs on the refrigerant pipes. Sometimes “artisanal” craftsmen break the pipes that conduct freon. Because of this reduced cross-section, as a consequence – of changes in pressure in the system, frost is formed on the evaporator. Thawing, it flows into the room.

5. The valve on the thick pipe of the outdoor unit is not fully open. Because of this, there is insufficient pressure of refrigerant in the system. As a consequence, frosting and leakage.

6. Incorrect length of the refrigerant line. If the refrigerant line is longer or shorter than the manufacturer recommends, freon boils earlier or later than the evaporator. As a consequence, the tubes get covered in ice, condensate forms, and drip into the room.

In the experience of SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning technicians, improper installation is one of the most common reasons for service calls. Unfortunately, most installers from companies that sell split systems are not qualified and knowledgeable about the structure of air conditioners. Such “masters” often offer solutions, which violate the installation manually – as the result, it leads to breakages and incorrect work of the equipment. You can avoid the trouble by trusting air conditioning installation professionals, such as those at SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning. Our specialists will design and install even a complex air conditioning system without mistakes and with a guarantee.

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