With a usual movement, you took a remote control in your hands and decided to switch on a conditioner. But when you press the button, nothing happens: the split system does not switch from the remote control. Sometimes a similar problem is when the conditioner is already working, and you wanted to change the temperature, change other settings, or switch split off. What happened, why did the conditioner stops reacting on the remote control?

Pay your attention!
If when switching on the remote control conditioner beeps and closes the blinds, and also the indicators on its body are blinking or the numeric-letter inscription on the screen of remote control or inside the unit is showing, it means that the split-system is having an error. In order to understand the cause of the malfunction, it is necessary to decipher the lit-up error code. First of all, refer to the instruction manual for your air conditioner. Sometimes it contains a table of error codes and their deciphering.
If the conditioner is not reacting in any way on the remote control, then first of all you need to understand if the equipment is functioning at all. For this purpose try to switch on the split with the help of the buttons on the body of the inside block.

It is not working? That means that it is a question of breakage when the conditioner does not switch on at all. More details about this situation will talk about in our next article. If the split system is switched on, it is necessary to understand where the problem is: in the remote control or in “a host”.

How to check remote control of conditioner
If the conditioner does not see the remote control, make a simple test with your cell phone with a camera. Turn the camera on and point the remote at it. Press the button on the remote control. If the remote is okay, you’ll see infrared radiation through the camera. If nothing happens, then it does not work.

What to do if the split-system remote control doesn’t work
First of all, it is necessary to check the batteries. If the conditioner is badly reacted on the remote control, and then it did not react at all, most likely the accumulators are simply “dead”, and it is necessary to change them. Did not help? Then the remote control itself is out of order.

Malfunctions, when AC does not see the remote control.
If the remote control is working, the batteries are fresh in it, the conditioner switches on from the buttons on the case, but does not see the remote control, the question is about a photo-receiver breakage. It is situated in the conditioner’s internal block and is responsible for the signal received from the remote control.

The photodetector, which consists of a photosensor and a chip, is broken.
Because of the failure, it does not accept the signal from the remote control and does not transfer it to the control board. As a consequence – the conditioner does not react to commands.

The wiring to the photodetector is defective
During the air conditioner exploitation, the wiring was broken. Probably, the wire is frayed or cut by mice (it happens in private houses).

The situation, when the conditioner does not answer remote control commands, is not referred to as potentially dangerous breakage, but it can make the life of a user much harder. In fact, usually, the split system is situated rather high up and it is simply not convenient to switch on it, as well as to change the cooling temperature, using buttons on the inside unit.

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