Owners of conditioners do not often pay attention to the outside unit – as a rule, it is hanging behind the window. But sometimes, especially if the split-system began to work with malfunctions, a full inspection begins. You have looked at the outside unit and found frost, snow, or ice on it or on the pipes, coming out of the unit. What are the causes of frosting and what to do in this situation?

If you have followed all the rules of operation and the outdoor unit is covered with ice, there is something wrong with the unit.

1. The sensor of the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit is defective.
The sensor should normally give the command to activate the defrost mode. If it does not, the unit is covered with ice.

2. Control board malfunction
An air conditioner is not giving the defrost module a command to start. As a consequence, the outdoor unit is icing up.

3. The outdoor unit is dirty.
This causes heat transfer to deteriorate and the air conditioner does not work properly.

4. Lack of freon in the system due to leakage or long-lasting absence of air conditioner maintenance
According to the specialists’ observations, every year from split-system up to 7% of the coolant can escape.

5. Four-way valve is defective.
This node is responsible for switching “heat-cold” modes. To defrost the outdoor unit, the cooling mode is activated. During it, the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit defrosts, and the fan of the indoor unit turns off, in order not to push the cold air into the already heated room.
Sometimes the valve is “stuck” on the heat, in which case the defrost of the outdoor unit can not start. As the result the outside unit is covered with ice, heat exchange worsens, and the split system is poorly heating the room.

The frosting of tubes of an outer block of conditioner is the reason to apply to specialists. Do not take the risk: the complicated technique and the big height, on which the outer blocks are located more often, require the masters’ exceptional competence.

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