Why the air conditioner does not turn on

Non-starting air conditioner is the most common complaint of the users. There can be many reasons for an air conditioner malfunction when you can not start it. There are some simple ones, that can be solved by yourselves. And there are more complicated ones, that need the qualified help of the service center’s expert.

The whole range of causes can be divided into several groups:

1. Problems with the power supply to the equipment
2. Breakdown of control signal transmission
3. Air conditioner in protection mode, error code is displayed
4. The air conditioner does not turn on in winter
5. Compressor does not turn on

Let`s look at all these reasons one by one

Power supply problems

More often from this group are met: absence and instability of voltage, breakdown of the control board, and interruption of the connection between the blocks.

Identifying violations in the electrical network should begin with determining how the air conditioner is connected – with a plug or directly through a machine. In the first case, you must make sure that the plug is plugged in. If it is, use a voltmeter or a special indicator screwdriver to check for voltage.

If the indicators show the presence of current in the network, then check the functioning of the cables in the air conditioner itself: on the terminals of the indoor or outdoor unit.

Further steps in the search for the problem place depend on the received result:
– Lack of voltage indicates a defect in the supply cable. It should be replaced.
– If there is voltage, the problem should be looked for in the internal boards.

If the equipment is connected directly to the distribution board, look for the switchboard and analyze the circuit breakers.
– If for some reason the automatic circuit breaker is off, switch it on.
– If there is no separate circuit breaker, then look for the feeding circuit breaker and measure its input and output voltage.

If the input voltage is detected, but the output voltage is not, then the fault is in the automatic unit – replacement is required. If the voltage is also detected at the output, then we are looking for a breakdown of the cable.

The result of diagnostics of the first group breakdowns: to restore conditioner operation you will need a minimal set of installation tools and indicator screwdriver, and better yet voltmeter. If the circuit breaker is burned out you will have to buy it.

Attention! If you have no experience with electrical wiring, you should not try to fix the defect yourself. Entrust your equipment and your health to professionals.

Breakdown of control signal transmission

Modern conditioners are equipped with wall-mounted, wired, and wireless remote controls. Wireless remote controls use an infrared sensor to transmit the signal. Therefore, the operability of the remote control can be easily checked with any camera. If you point the remote at the lens, you should see a flash on the screen when you press it. The non-operability of the remote control can be checked with the same success when you switch on the air conditioner by pushing the button on the body.
If the conditioner is functioning, it means that the problem is in the remote control. If a remote control sends signals, the conditioner is started by a hand, but it does not work remotely, which means that the problem is in the receiving board.

Wall remotes are traditionally completed with an information display. If there is no indication on it, first of all, you must disassemble it and check the terminal tension.

– If there is voltage – the panel is defective and must be replaced.
– If there is no voltage – the wiring or the circuit board of the indoor unit is defective.

The conditioner in a protection mode gives out an error code

The presence of a diagnostic system in modern air conditioners protects the expensive parts from damage when the malfunction occurs.

The indoor unit panel reports the error in the following ways:
1. The indicators on the panel flash continuously.
2. When the remote control gives a signal, you will hear a beep or the lights will flash alternately
3. an error code appears on the display

The air conditioner does not turn on in winter

Such behavior of split systems at negative temperatures is typical for modern models, which are not adapted for our winter conditions. But this is no breakage, but self-protection. There is a temperature sensor on the case of the outside unit and if the outside temperature is lower than the programmed threshold, the conditioner is not switched on. If you are planning to use the equipment in winter, you should take it into consideration while buying. The second way is to complete the conditioner with a special “winter set”, which allows it not to freeze at temperatures, lower than 0 degrees Celsius.

The compressor does not turn on

The attentive owner of an air conditioner is able to diagnose a malfunction of a compressor. The presence of problems can be suspected due to become frequent interruptions in operation, an increase in oil level, and the appearance of oil leakages on the outside panel of the case. It is better to entrust the repair to qualified specialists.

The main reason for compressor failure is refrigerant leakage. This can lead to:

– The appearance of cracks in the housing;
– Cracking of the rubber seal from time;
– Damage to the main line.

Dirt, loose belt tension, and power supply failures can provoke breakdown. If the early defects can still be repaired, the more severe ones are solved only by replacing the part.

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