The air conditioner does not cool in the apartment – reasons that require professional service or repair

Signs of malfunctions are similar, but they occur due to wear and tear or malfunction of parts, damage, and internal contamination of assemblies and mechanisms. Based on our experience with air conditioner repair, SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning has compiled a list of major equipment breakdowns.

1. Internal unit filters are clogged.
Dust, fur, and hair clog filters, and deposit on the heat exchanger. Heat absorption from the evaporator is decreased and the radiator does not transmit the heat to the air flowing through it. In addition, heavy fouling of the indoor unit can prevent the fan from rotating and cause the evaporator tubes to freeze.
If the drain hose is clogged, condensate will remain in the drain pan and then flow out of the indoor unit.

2. There is not enough freon in the air conditioner.
Even a sealed system can evaporate up to 7% of refrigerant per year. Therefore, the climate equipment requires annual maintenance (cleaning, topping up).

3. Freon leakage from the system
At first, with a small amount of leakage, the air conditioner compressor in the outdoor unit is less and less likely to shut down for rest, even though cooling is poor. Then, as the refrigerant evaporates from the system, the equipment starts blowing warm room temperature air, and the motor stops and does not turn on.
Usually, the leakage is due to flared joints in the inter-unit tubes or broken mounting seams.

4. Capillary tube clogging
Due to a clogged capillary tube the pressure drop between the inlet and outlet of the capillary tube increases, so part of the freon boils and gives up the cold even before the air conditioner evaporator. As a result, the cold-productivity of the split system is falling, and equipment is trying to compensate for its deficiency by constant work of the compressor. At full clogging of the pipeline, the refrigerant does not circulate, the compressor works idle, and the air remains warm.

5. Outside unit of an air conditioner is clogged.
Dust, fluff from plants, and plaque from vehicle exhaust accumulated on the heat exchanger. Besides, the fan is polluted and its rotation speed decreases. All these factors worsen the normal heat takeoff from the condenser, it gives excessive heat to the outside air badly. Because of this, the quality of split system cooling decreases. The lack of cooling, the air conditioner is trying to compensate for the continuous work of the motor in the outside unit.

6. Switching four-way valve is defective
The switching four-way valve is defective. It is located in the outdoor unit and is responsible for switching between heating and cooling modes. If faulty, the valve “jams” in heating mode.

7. The compressor is defective.
The main breakdowns are jamming, winding breakdown, motor inter-circuit, or breakage.

8. Start capacitor and/or run capacitor faulty
The starting capacitor is necessary for the initial start-up of the compressor motor. If capacitor capacity is lost, discharged, or bursts, the motor may not start or will shut down shortly after starting.

9. Compressor Thermostat Failure
It is responsible for the thermal protection of the motor. Because of it, the compressor doesn’t get power and doesn’t start.

10. Faulty temperature sensor or thermistor
It “monitors” the room temperature and is located in the indoor unit. If it malfunctions, it can “read” an undervalued reading, which causes the cooling to turn off early.

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