Why is the air conditioner working but not cooling?

Make sure that the air conditioner is really not cool.

Before looking for a broken air conditioner, make sure that outside factors are not affecting the operation of the equipment:

Running time. The air conditioner does not create coolness instantly. It takes 10 to 30 minutes. Cooling time varies with the capacity of the equipment, the size of the room, and the difference in temperature: outside, and the temperature you set on the air conditioner.

Power of the equipment. The poor air conditioners will cool a “hot” premise for a long time. Especially if the premise heats up under direct sunbeams all day long, or has big glazing.

Insulation of a room. Pay attention to heat gain – frequent opening of doors, windows, and ventilation. Try to use curtains and blinds on window openings.

Heat-generating equipment. Industrial equipment, machines, refrigerators, grills, baking ovens, etc. generate HUGE amounts of heat. If such equipment is added to the room, don’t be surprised if the air conditioner stops working.

If the conditioner is chosen correctly, there are no heat inflows, and the additional equipment was not installed – it is time to make a diagnostics, by measuring the temperature of inflowing and outflowing air from a conditioner.

If the conditioner is in good order the temperature difference on the “inlet-outlet” is 7-15 degrees. If the difference is less than this value, it means that your split system is really bad cooler.

Besides you can check output temperature with certified values. Usually, in the certificate of equipment, you can see the temperature of cooling mode at the output, for example, 6-14°C for noninverter systems. Inverter systems give similar parameters when you turn them on, but after reaching the set temperature in the room, it raises the value at the output – up to 12-17°C degrees. If the temperature doesn’t correspond to the rated one, you should look for a problem inside the air conditioner.

The reasons why the air conditioner does not supply cold air into the room can be divided into 3 main groups:

1. Air conditioner settings – the settings and parameters are often set incorrectly.
2. lack of maintenance – everything is normal, but there is not enough freon in the system or filters and heat exchangers should be cleaned.
Faulty element – component in the air conditioner is out of order.

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