Which air conditioner to buy? Inverter vs non-inverter

When you buy an air conditioner you have to choose between these types of equipment and it is important to understand how they work.

Normal air conditioners operate on an on/off principle, i.e.
Once switched on it runs until the temperature in the room reaches a predetermined level and then switches off completely. The temperature of a premise gradually starts to rise and when the difference of three degrees between the set temperature and the actual temperature is reached, the air-conditioner starts to work again. It is this cyclical temperature change that is considered one of the disadvantages of conventional units.

Inverter air conditioners do not have a strict concept of on/off – they operate continuously, adjusting the required compressor capacity. The regulation is carried out via an inverter capable of converting alternating current to direct current and vice versa. The inverter in an air conditioner is an electronic unit that dynamically changes the voltage applied to the compressor motor to change the rotor speed, consequently the refrigerant boiling does not stop – high power consumption due to start-up currents is eliminated.

When we switch the unit on, we run it at full power, but when the set parameters are reached, the motor reduces speed to a minimum and smoothly holds the set mode without waiting for the air to warm up.
This avoids temperature jumps, saves energy, and prolongs the life of the compressor.

The advantages of the inverter:
– Economy
– Low noise level
– Without harming health thanks to precise temperature control
– Durable and reliable operation of the compressor
– Running in heating mode at low temperatures

Disadvantages of inverters:
– High cost
– Complicated and expensive repairs
– Better breakdown of electronics due to voltage fluctuations

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