The benefits of running an air conditioner

If you follow the instructions for proper operation, and climate system will provide benefits. One of the most obvious benefits is maintaining a comfortable temperature.

This is achieved by cooling the air in summer and heating it in winter. It is the latter that allows for saving money on additional heating equipment. So, the conditioner transfers three times more energy, than it spends. For 1 kW of electricity at the output, it turns out 3-4 kW, transformed into heat.

The optimal temperature for a person varies from 19 to 25 ℃. Neither central heating nor weather can keep this balance. Also consider that a temperature of 18 ℃ is appropriate for sleeping, 25 ℃ for the bathroom, and 22 ℃ for the rest of the rooms. With this mode, all households will feel comfortable.

In excessively humid rooms, the air conditioner will dry out the air, preventing mold and mildew. Without a special device, a hygrometer, it will be difficult but possible to measure humidity level. You need to put a glass of water in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Then, taking it out, look at the glass walls for five minutes:

– If they fogged up and dried rather quickly – the humidity is low, and you will need to buy a humidifier for the climate system. – If the sides of a cup are still foggy and water is flowing down on them – the level of humidity is high and the conditioner will dry up the air very well.

Most modern air conditioners have filtration and ionization systems, which help to clean air from bacteria. This is especially true for homes with problematic ventilation. You can identify faulty ventilation by the following signs:

– Rapidly fogging windows;
– Smells from the kitchen and bathroom can be heard throughout the home;
– The appearance of “wet” stains on walls, under wallpaper, or other finishes.

If all of these points, or part of them, are noticed – it is necessary to clean the ventilation shaft. But due to the fact that often the tenants can not do it without the help of specialists, the problem can not be solved for a long time. This is where the air conditioner will help a little, purifying the air and maintaining the balance of humidity in the house. Of course, the device will not be a full-fledged replacement for faultless ventilation, so you will have to clean it in any case.

The indirect pluses are noiselessness because the noise level will be much lower with closed windows. But it is the disputable moment because it is necessary to air the premise no matter if the conditioner is installed or not. It is recommended to use special device ventilators in windows.

Summarizing all told above, it is possible to assert that fears about the climate system’s work are the result of wrong exploitation. If you have questions a specialist- installer or a consultant will tell you more about a concrete model of an air-conditioner, because one-block and two-block systems can work differently.

There are also multi split-systems, where conditioners in two rooms are led to a single external unit. In all cases, installation and some nuances of cleaning will take place, which should be kept in mind when buying a climate system.

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