Myths about the harm of air conditioners

The main reasons for concern are caused just by the quality of the air we get after cooling. 


Popular opinions are as follows: 


  • The air will be too dry, which can lead to skin diseases. 
  • Harmful bacteria will accumulate, which can cause infectious diseases. 
  • Air that is too cold can cause joint inflammation and headaches. 
  • The air will be filled with carbon dioxide with minimal oxygen. 


This is pointed out by opponents of climate systems, discouraging the purchase of friends and relatives. But, the above concerns are real only if the climate is initially very dry, the device is not used properly and the temperature settings are wrong.


How to use the climate system properly


 Any device will function optimally if all operating requirements are followed. In the case of an air conditioner, you need to follow simple instructions: 


Timely cleaning or replacement of filters. The technical documentation will indicate how often this should be done. On average, one to three months is the standard period for the normal operation of the filters. This way, bacteria won’t develop and the air will stay clean. 


Humidity can be optimal if you turn on the device for some time during the day or if you buy a humidifier. Both are true if one knows exactly how much humidity is acceptable and how “dry” the air becomes. 


The right temperature regime. The difference between the temperature on the street and indoors should not exceed 10 degrees. 


Adjustment of the airflow. This can be done at the stage of installation when the device is installed in such a way that the air does not fall on the statically sitting or lying person. I.e. it is better to install a conditioner, not above the working table or a bed. 


Airing the room. This will saturate the room with oxygen, which is especially noteworthy for those who are afraid that the climate system uses the air several times and the percentage of carbon dioxide in it increases. In fact, even just a closed window can increase the percentage of carbon dioxide to a small degree. House plants, especially those with wide leaves, are great at absorbing excess gas and producing oxygen. 


With these simple steps, the device will work properly, performing its direct function and doing nothing but good.


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