Why the air conditioner works jerkily?

Heat and stuffiness – a real torment not only for hypertensives but also for most healthy people. Stepping into a cool room with an air conditioner, you instantly understand what heaven on earth is. Modern split systems are able not only to reduce the temperature in the premise but also heat the air – a useful function when it is suddenly cold outside.


Judging by the number of outside blocks of air conditioners, that are hanging on the walls of multi-story buildings or offices, the advantages of these home appliances are already valued by millions of people. But if everything is clear with advantages, then non-standard situations in split systems work deserve special attention. 


One of the common complaints that people contact SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning with is: why does the air conditioner work jerkily?


5 reasons for the unstable operation of split-system

Have you noticed that the unit, instead of humming and cooling evenly, began to expel air in jerks? “Conditioner spits out air”, “it switches on and then switches off with an interval of 5-10 minutes”, “it works jerkily if one puts a hand to the case the jerks and vibrations are felt” – that is the description of the situation by our clients.


There can be several reasons explaining such behavior of the device, which used to be in working order:


  1. The elements of the indoor unit are dirty: evaporator, filters, and impeller. Accumulated dust and dirt obstruct the free airflow;
  2. Screw that fixes the drum has loosened;
  3. Condenser malfunction;
  4. Insufficient refrigerant, requires topping up;
  5. The feedback circuit or electric motor is broken.


In either case, it is difficult to determine the cause on your own. Most people have little idea where the impellers, evaporators, or condensers are in the appliance. In order not to transfer the device from working with interference to the category of broken, we recommend trusting the repair of air conditioners to the professional masters of the service.


A specialist will quickly, and most importantly, accurately determine the cause of the malfunction and fix the device. Plus, tell what to do so the problem will not repeat.


Rules of air conditioners usage


Most problems arise from violations of the rules of operation of split systems.


Recommendations for use:


– Clean the air conditioner regularly: every 2 months – clean the indoor unit from dust, once a year – service;

– Do not use the unit (heating function) when the temperature outside is lower than -50°C;

– Installation, maintenance, and replacement of filters and other parts should be performed by qualified service personnel.


Timely service and proper use are all your air conditioner needs. Take care of the “well-being” of the device, as it takes care of you, and a comfortable temperature in the room will be provided for you! 


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