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No water escapes from the split system. What to do?

Why is there no water dripping from the drain pipe of the air conditioner or split system?

The specificity of air-conditioner functioning implies the formation of condensate, which accumulates in a special tray and then flows out through the pipe to the outside or to the drainage hole. And if one day you notice that the condensate is not coming out, you should pay close attention to this moment. In some cases, you may need to have your air conditioning repaired.


However, in a number of situations, there should be no condensation. In particular, the aforementioned liquid is absent if the “fan” mode is not activated or if the basic room temperature is almost the same as that set in the settings of the appliance. There can also be no condensation for half an hour after switching the appliance on, as the water accumulates for some time before it starts to flow out.


In what cases absence of a condensate signals the necessity of repair of air conditioners?

If the reason is not in the above-mentioned nuances, then it is almost certainly a malfunction. The list of common faults that result in no flowing condensate include:


A clogged drainage system. Cleaning can help. In some cases, partial air conditioning repairs are carried out.


Clogged filters. Careful rinsing with water is necessary. If the filters cannot be washed for technical reasons, they must be replaced.


Drain pump failure. Causes accumulation of condensate inside split systems. Remedied by replacing the pump.


Also, water may not flow down the drain path due to the incorrect installation of the air conditioners. To solve the problem, simply remove the unit and then re-install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Can I repair the air conditioner myself?

It is better not to touch the device without experience in such work. The best you can do is to disconnect the system, look into the case of an indoor unit and add a couple of glasses of water to the tray. If the liquid did not go down the drain, you should leave the technique alone and call a specialist.


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