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Why does the inside of an air conditioning unit freeze?

Under certain conditions, air conditioning units start to leak, and sometimes ice forms inside the unit. However, frost formation is not always the result of a malfunction. For example, frost formation during hot weather is common. Switching from cooling to heating can also lead to the previously mentioned consequences. In both situations, the problem is short-lived and did not require outside intervention.


Air conditioning repairs: prevalent causes of frosting

The evaporator can freeze if the equipment operates in cooling mode, but the outside temperature is not permissible for a specific air conditioner model (suitable values are prescribed in the operation manual of the device). The same applies to operation in conditions of high humidity.


Sometimes the climate control equipment starts to malfunction after incorrect installation or careless service. For example, trouble is possible with insufficient refrigerant charge, poor vacuuming, and if there are kinks in the freon pipes.


The unit often freezes after installation in a recess (poor air circulation due to lack of space in front of the unit affects it). Incorrect routing between units is also unfavorable, resulting in reduced refrigerant efficiency.


Troubleshooting for air conditioning repairs


If the frosting of the appliance has started suddenly, without any precondition, you should consider calling a specialist. Only a technician can determine the exact nature of the fault and rectify it as quickly as possible.


The most common problems encountered by repairmen are the following:


Contamination of the internal or external unit. Comprehensive cleaning with special equipment can help.


Refrigerant leakage. Elimination of found leakage with subsequent replacement of filter, victimization, and charging.


Failure of air conditioner elements, including control module, fan, and temperature sensor. Damaged parts are usually replaced, but in some cases, repairs may be possible.


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