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Air conditioning blowing warm air: problems and solutions

If an air conditioner does not provide the necessary temperature mode, the maintenance of a suitable microclimate becomes quite a difficult task. But the situation when this device starts to function contrary to the set settings is much worse. For example, it heats the air when the cooling program is on, which leads to rather unpleasant consequences and the need to order air conditioning repair in SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning.


Such mishaps occur as a result of trivial negligence on the part of the owners of the equipment. When buying an air conditioner, people ignore the simplest rules of operating such devices. In particular, more than half of users even forget about obligatory cleaning of devices from dirt and dust. Because of this foreign elements accumulate inside the devices and lead to overheating.


Troubleshooting methods


Lack of proper regular cleaning leads to clogging of the filters, which causes the compressor to malfunction. As a result, this mechanism can simply block, and as a result air conditioner generates hot air regardless of settings. In such a case, only a qualified technician will be able to fix the situation, who will clean the air conditioner and then repair or replace the compressor.


There are also other causes of the unit’s malfunction. Among them: are power failure, malfunction of the control board, and even a banal lack of freon. The latter option is relevant in cases of improper installation of the unit and the subsequent leakage. Fortunately, in such a situation, air conditioner repair is not very difficult.


It is necessary to call a master as soon as the problem is detected. But before making an order you should make some simple steps to exclude the possibility of mistakes. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that a conditioner is not originally set at heating. If this is the reason – it is enough to switch it to cooling.


It is also necessary to study the instruction manual and to re-set the device. And if these actions do not help, only then it is worth calling a master. Just contact us at SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment for a technician to come out and fix your San Diego air conditioner at your home.


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