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The smell from the air conditioner: where does it come from and how to eliminate it?

This device serves to create a comfortable microclimate in any room. The air conditioner allows you to set the optimal temperature, creating ideal conditions for work and rest. However, in some situations, the device begins to spread a very unpleasant smell, which makes it impossible to stay in the house or office.

This phenomenon can be explained by several reasons, and in some cases, air conditioner repair becomes a necessity. Although sometimes it is possible to clean the equipment without the help of professionals.


The causes of a pungent smell


If you have a strong odor of dampness or rottenness, fungi and bacteria are likely to grow. They multiply directly in the air conditioner, using the condensate present in it for this purpose.


The problem can arise due to improper installation of the unit, as well as due to long-term stagnation of the unit and lack of preventive maintenance. In this situation, air conditioning repair is not necessary. You only need to check the correct installation, and then perform a deep cleaning and replace the filters.


If there is a strong smell of burning, you should immediately turn off the unit and invite specialists to find the problem. Most likely, problems with wiring will be identified, although other options are also possible. If it smells like sewage, then the elimination of odor from the air conditioner involves checking the correctness of the installation of the drain. The next step is to install a siphon or completely reinstall the equipment.


The smell of burning plastic is common with newly installed air conditioners and goes away within a few weeks. But if it does not, it is necessary to call a specialist and check the unit for defects.


Who to trust to repair air conditioners?

With some skills, the elimination of the specific smell does not take much time, but understanding the design of modern air conditioners only by the enclosed instructions is quite problematic.


That is why it is better not to tempt fate, and entrust the work to the staff of SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning , which performs air conditioning repair in San Diego on a professional basis.


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