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How to clean your air conditioner?

Air conditioner cleaning is the process of removing impurities from various internal elements of the cooling unit, which is necessary to prevent the appearance of mold and germs on them, which are extremely dangerous to human health. For several decades already modern split-systems and other types of air conditioners have taken their places among other domestic appliances, which are widely used by citizens of our country. Everybody knows that cooling and heating machines help to create a comfortable atmosphere in apartments, houses, offices, and not only. But, unfortunately, not all the owners of air conditioners understand how important is to remove constantly built-up dirt from them in time. Though how the state of health of people, who are on the premise, where the cooler is installed, often depends on it. 


In the height of the season, we want to reveal little secrets about cleaning air conditioners. Today, this is the most pressing area for which SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning Service Center receives calls from our customers. And how to clean it without resorting to the help of specialists?


This does not require any special skills. The main thing is care and safety.


The air conditioner must be turned off, units must be cooled down.


The first thing we see under the cover are air filters, they are the most exposed to contamination. And the dust, settled on them, pollutes the air, and interferes with the air intake.  We take it off and perform “bathing” procedures under running water.  The deodorizing filter can be sprayed with incense. We check the drainage system, namely whether the condensation moisture is properly drained. And here…here…the most important thing is to clean the indoor unit.  Don’t forget about the outside unit, because everything that flies in the street – bugs, spiders, popliteal fluff is on the grate there, and it means compressor wear and tear, higher power consumption, and sudden stop in +35.


The final check is the freon level.

You can always do this and check yourself if you are good at it.


But there is always a better way, which is the SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning service center. Our service performs the entire list of air conditioning cleaning and refilling jobs in San Diego. Our customers will not say that the technician waved a rag twice, took the money, and ran. They cleaned, refilled, checked all the modes of operation, and consulted, in the end, on the possibilities of using the air conditioner. And if the repairman notices some breakage, he will be able to fix it right away on the spot.


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