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Why won’t the air conditioner turn on?

There are many types of air conditioners, but the reasons for their failure are not too different. And if you need to understand why exactly the device does not work, you need to make a simple diagnosis, determine the nature of the problem, and then call an experienced technician who specializes in the service and repair of air conditioners.


However, you can call the masters right away. And they will determine why the device does not respond to commands. There is no power, the fuse is burned out, the receiving module is broken, and the compressor is overheated – an experienced specialist will identify the cause of the malfunction for 10-15 minutes and then will eliminate the problem in the most effective way.


Preliminary diagnostics and repair of air conditioners

In most cases, the conditioner does not react to the command in five cases. There is no electricity, the structural elements of the control board are out of order, there is no connection between the blocks, the control board fails and the self-diagnostic mode is running.


In the first case, you need to check the socket and power cable, to eliminate the found faults. If everything is okay, you will need to proceed to the examination of the state of the internal circuit board. In the second case, you will need a detailed diagnosis with the help of specialized equipment. Often the problem is in the fuse or varistor. Usually, the board is replaced, but sometimes it is possible to repair air conditioners.


A broken interconnect can be repaired without much time. The same applies to most typical errors, determined by a careful visual inspection or by examining the data specified by the automatic equipment diagnostics system.


How to order air conditioner repair?


In most situations, professional air conditioning repair in San Diego is performed on-site, during the first visit of a specialist. The exception is the need to replace a part that is not in stock at the moment. In this case, the customer has to wait for a little.


If the unit is inoperable, ensure it is connected correctly and has power, and then call SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning to call a technician. Then you will only have to provide access to the equipment and wait for the AC repair on pre-agreed terms.


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