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Where is better to install an air conditioner in the apartment?

After buying an air conditioner in the apartment, the question arises about the best place to install it. Usually, here we are talking about the position of the indoor unit. Below in this article, we will give some postulates on the problem of choosing the place for the evaporator unit, and we will explain each of them.


What is important when installing an air conditioner in an apartment?

  1. The distance between units should be minimal.
  2. It is better to install the equipment during the repair, not after its completion.
  3. Choose installers according to the quality of the work done, not the cost of services.
  4. Hang the air conditioner where it is going to be useful not where it is going to look nice.
  5. Avoid installing the unit above furniture or close to the ceiling.
  6. It is strictly discouraged that the airflow is directed toward a person.
  7. It is optimal to direct the air masses along the window.


It is better to make the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit as small as possible. Then the efficiency of the air conditioner will be great. The further you lead the freon line, the more will have to work for the compressor unit to distill the freon to the evaporator and back.


The installation location should be useful, not attractive

Very often people choose a place for the installation of a split system, based on the look of a room. There are two variants here: either at the most visible place or where it will be almost invisible. Nevertheless, the equipment should be installed where it will have the best effect on the space and people living there.


Proper distance from the air conditioner to adjacent surfaces

It is important not to place the air conditioner against surfaces other than the one to which it is attached. The distance from the indoor unit to the ceiling should be not less than 200 mm so that the technique can suck in the necessary amount of air from the space. 

To prevent the indoor unit from overheating, the distance between the wall and the side of the unit should be at least 5 cm.

And as for the distance from the front side of the air conditioner to the furniture or a person, you should take into account the length of the air stream. Usually, the coldest stream comes out at a distance of 2-2,5 meters, and then it dissipates. That is why it is recommended to keep the distance from the indoor unit up to a sofa, a bed, or a working place not less than 1,5 meters. You should remember that the conditioner should cool air space, but not furniture and housemates. 


Choice of room for installation of air conditioner

Installing air conditioners in the main rooms is certainly desirable. This way, you’ll be able to maintain the right temperature in the rooms where you are most often. At the same time if necessary the chill from the rooms will come to the corridor with the door open, that is why you can create certain temperature conditions here. For example, before the arrival of guests, you can cool the entire apartment in this way. At the same time, you should not do this, it is not necessary. All the same, you have bought a conditioner for a certain room and if you are cooling a corridor simultaneously it can exhaust its resource more quickly, as it is simply not calculated on the additional area.


Dangers to the operation of conditioner

It is strictly forbidden to place the heating equipment and conditioners inside the unit. Do not locate near heat-producing radiators, refrigerators, boilers, boilers, electric heaters, stoves and ovens, toasters, and other heat-emitting appliances. They will confuse your air conditioner and it will turn on constantly, leading to rapid wear and tear on parts.


Additional with air conditioners.

If you install an air conditioner in a room where the humidity is at a low level, then be sure to include a humidifier in parallel. This way you will save your health, because the conditioner also dehumidifies the air, besides cooling.

In addition, it is better to install a breeze in a room with cooling equipment. Thus, the latter will supply clean air, and the air conditioner will distribute it around the room.


Choosing installation specialists

Here you should be guided by the principle “The miser pays twice”. To minimize the damage to your walls, choose the installers according to the reviews of real people, not those who were recommended to you in the store. In addition, a real expert can ask you some disturbing questions about the best place to install both units and set up the equipment. Listen to the reasoned advice of the handyman if he recommends not installing the appliances on a weak wall or close to furniture. SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with your air conditioner installation.


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