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The air conditioning unit does not heat well: causes, what to do

Modern split systems can operate in several modes. Nowadays it is more and more popular the models of air-conditioners, working on cooling and heating. Such devices are successfully exploited in the low seasons and in the winter time, as a heat source. For a variety of reasons, the work of such equipment can malfunction, as a result of which the device ceases to warm air well or does not work at all on heating.


In this article, we will consider why the conditioner does not warm up well or does not switch on warmly, pieces of advice on how to solve the problems, and how to set heating mode correctly.


Why air conditioner has stopped working at heating


Some owners of split equipment are faced with a widespread problem – the technique stops working at heating. This malfunction can occur for a variety of reasons.


Probable causes:


A leak or insufficient amount of refrigerant in the system. If the freon level is low, the air conditioner gives off poorly heated air. This problem can easily be solved by topping up the appliance. If there is a leak, it is necessary to carry out repair work. They must be carried out by a qualified technician from a service center.


The heat exchanger or filters of the appliance are clogged with dust and dirt. Any dirt inside the internal mechanisms reduces the efficiency of the air conditioning considerably. 


Normal operation can be restored by cleaning. Some owners do this job themselves, following the recommendations of specialists. Alternatively, a professional cleaning service can be booked at an air-conditioning service center. In order to avoid similar problems in the future, it is recommended to have preventive measures, performed by qualified specialists, before the beginning of the winter season, in order to prepare the air conditioners for heating work.


Normal operation of the heat exchanger may also be impaired by ice forming on the radiator grille. This is located on the rear side of the outdoor unit. This ice must not be removed under any circumstances! There are two ways to defrost the ice: by pouring warm water on the grille or by gradual defrosting using a powerful construction hairdryer.


If the conditioner does not switch to heating mode at all, a four-way valve, which provides a smooth transition of operation modes, is likely to break. In this case, it is necessary to replace the faulty part. This work must be carried out by a qualified SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning technician.


Weak air heating is also caused by a broken fan. It may have a broken motor, a broken bearing, a clogged pulley, or an icy pulley. It is advisable to call in a professional technician to rectify the fault.


The air conditioner also fails to warm the air if it is used at a low temperature outside the window, below the recommended value. The manufacturer’s instructions always indicate the permissible operating range.


Another possible cause is a failed compressor responsible for compressing freon and pumping it through the system. Has the compressor been diagnosed and repaired by an expert technician?


Clogging in the system where the freon mixed with the compressor oil circulates. The sludge builds up as a result of the use of poor quality oil or its incompatibility with the refrigerant. Only a specialist will be able to diagnose this fault and establish the correct operation of the air conditioning system.

If the temperature of the heated air differs significantly from the set value, the temperature sensor is likely to break. In this case, the faulty part must be replaced.

The electronic control board is malfunctioning. Diagnostics and repair are carried out by the master.


How to adjust correctly a conditioner on heat


In 50% of cases, the air conditioner heats the air in the premise badly because of the wrong setting of operation mode. Before setting this option, you must carefully study the instruction manual!


How to set the air conditioner to heat:


Ensure that the outside temperature corresponds to the recommended values.


Use the buttons on the indoor unit panel or the remote controller to activate “heating” mode. This mode is indicated on the remote control by the inscription HEAT or in the form of a sunburst.


Start the mode and set the desired air heating temperature.

The first streams of warm air will not be felt immediately, but only after 1-2 minutes, and reaching the set temperature will occur after 10-15 minutes. That is why if right after the start of the program Conditioner gives out cold air, it does not need to alarm; it is only necessary to wait for a little while the technician redirects streams of air and begins to heat up it.

If after this time, the conditioner continues to work for cooling, try to reset settings in the switchboard and restart a working mode. Didn’t help? Then you have a bigger problem, which an experienced technician at SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning can always identify.


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