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The main modes of modern air conditioners

When choosing an air conditioning system for the house, users often pay attention to the power consumption of the device and its other technical characteristics. But, first of all, it is worth dealing with the main modes of the device. Modern manufacturers invest a lot of effort and design solutions to make the technique make your life as comfortable as possible.


Let’s look at the main modes of air conditioners.


– Cooling and heating.


Cooling is one of the main functions of any air conditioner. You can say its main purpose. This function is performed by the refrigerant, which goes from a liquid state to a gaseous state and absorbs heat from the environment. You can calculate the power of the air conditioner for the room as follows: 8-10 sq.m. area requires 1 kW of power for efficient operation of the equipment.


The “heating” mode allows you to produce 300-400% more heat compared to the energy consumed. However, in winter, when the temperature drops below 0, the refrigerant can change its properties, which can lead to significant damage to the device. Thus, this function should be used only in spring and autumn.


– Air drying.


This mode is ideal for waterlogged rooms. The drying time can last about 10 minutes, then there is a pause for 5.5 minutes.


– Air purification and filtration.


Modern models have built-in multi-stage filters that can prevent large dust particles from entering the room. Such filters have three stages of cleaning.


– Ventilation.


This mode of the air conditioning system involves only the fan of the indoor unit, which only takes air from outside the room without heating or cooling. This function is indispensable in rooms with a central heating system.


– Timer.


Thanks to this function, the system can adjust the temperature itself before your arrival or stop its work.


– “Comfortable sleep”.


By activating this mode, you can reduce the fan speed to a minimum, due to which the device will work almost silently.


This is a set of basic functions of air conditioning systems, with which you will make your life as comfortable and convenient as possible. Pay attention to their presence when choosing such equipment.


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