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Air conditioning: how to turn on the heating mode?

If you want to turn on your air conditioner to heat the room, but do not know how to do it, do not panic. After all, all air conditioning systems work on almost the same principle.


The first thing you need to find out is the function of your air conditioner, and whether it can work at all for heating. You can find out the characteristics of the equipment on the Internet by typing its model and manufacturer.


Note that it is not recommended to set the air conditioner to heat the room at shallow temperatures outside. Some air conditioning systems operate at a temperature of at least -5 degrees. If you run your unit for heating in such a severe frost, the outdoor unit may freeze and break.


The inverter-type air conditioner can operate at temperatures from -10 to -15 ° C. Naturally, such a system is not able to heat the whole house on its own, so it should be used only together with a radiator.


To set up the system for heating, you will need a remote control for the air conditioner:


– first, you need to turn on the equipment by pressing the “On / Off” button;


– then use the “HEAT” button (if there is no such button, then use the “MODE” button, which is responsible for switching modes).


If you do not find such buttons, it means that your system cannot work for heating.


The system should be adjusted so that the temperature is slightly higher than the one in your room. As a rule, the fan starts working first, and then the air warms up. After five minutes, the air conditioner should already be heating the room.


Even if your system has the inscription “HEAT” – this does not mean that the device can heat the room. There are cases when manufacturers make remotes with a standard set of buttons.


In some models, you must first configure the data on the remote control, and only then start the system. Do not forget that the split system should respond to your inclusion: beeping or lighting up.


What to do if, after some time, the air conditioner does not work for heating? Perhaps the reason may be hidden in the wrong settings of the equipment. Repeat everything from the beginning. In addition, the cause of this problem may be hidden in freon: if it is not enough, the air conditioner will neither cool nor heat the room.


Do not postpone the repair of the air conditioner. Do not forget that the repair is much easier and cheaper to do immediately after the breakdown. If your air conditioner works, but makes strange noises or does not cool or heat the room enough, it means that it is time to contact a specialist.


Do not wait until the air conditioner is completely out of order. In the case of untimely repair, there is a very high probability that a long complex repair will be required. But by calling SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning experts, you can avoid this problem.


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