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33 Gree air conditioner errors. Common error codes

Gree air conditioner has an error

Each modern split system from this company has special interlocking systems, which work together with self-diagnostic mechanisms. In case of any malfunction, Gree air conditioner light illuminates in a particular order. The error code is displayed on the indoor unit cabinet display (if provided by the manufacturer) and the control panel.


Knowing the error codes of Gree air conditioners will allow a few minutes to determine not only the type but also the severity of the malfunction. Some malfunctions can be repaired by yourself, but most will require calling a master. At least a specific air conditioner error will notify you of the scope and complexity of the upcoming repair work.


Possible error codes of Gree air conditioners

There are three LEDs on the indoor unit of Gree climate equipment – power (operation), heat, and cold. It is these LEDs that duplicate the errors of the air conditioner (they blink with a specific periodicity). Each indicator corresponds to a particular fault, which is designated by letters. For example, for the power (operation) light it is E, H6, and F0, for heat – H0-H9, FA, FH, for cold – F1-F9, FF.


There is no point in counting the number and frequency of blinks because the error code of the air conditioner is shown on the remote control and display of the indoor unit. Moreover, in certain cases, there can be more than 10 blinks. It is enough to know what the specific letters on the air conditioner mean, which appear when the system malfunctions. Below we will look at all the common options.




Here is a list and explanation of all possible Gree air conditioner errors in this category:


E0 – Low inrush current in the outlet or a problem with the wiring of the air conditioner itself


E1 – High pressure on the compressor


E2 – Danger of frosting of the radiator (on the indoor unit). In some cases, the protection is triggered only when the freezing has already started.


E3 – Low pressure on the compressor


E4 – Compressor tube overheated


E5 – Protection of the compressor and entire system from high risk of overload


E6 – No communication connection. F3 – Compressor tube not connected to the compressor and entire system at high risk of overload


E7 – Contradiction in the set modes. For example, when the outdoor unit and indoor unit of the same split system are operating in different modes


E8 – Evaporator temperature (on the indoor unit) is high. The cause of the malfunction may be clogged pipes, discharge valves, and insufficient amount of refrigerant.


E9 – Protection against cold air flow in “warm” mode. If this error is ignored, there is an increased risk of liquid (condensate) forming, which will get into the compressor and cause it to malfunction


H6 – No return signal (connection) from indoor air conditioner fan motor


F0 – Blower temperature sensor is defective


All mentioned above mistakes of Gri air conditioner can be connected with some sensors, pipes pollution (it can cause overheating) or banal lack of Freon. But, for proper diagnosis and inexpensive air conditioner repair always call a master.



In the heating mode, the errors of the Gree air conditioner appear much less often. The most common problem with Gree split systems is code H1. This error means that the air conditioner has stopped heating the room due to the defrosting of the outside unit. In order to fix this problem, it is enough to wait until the process, started by the automatics, is over, and turn on the equipment again.


All possible errors of Gree air conditioner in heating mode:


H1 – Outdoor unit defrost mode started


H2 – Normally the electrostatic filter is dirty. It needs to be cleaned or replaced with a new one


H3 – Compressor overheat protection mode. There may be several reasons for overheating (oil or freon leakage, fan failure, etc.)


H4 – System malfunction. You can try to restart the air conditioner. If an error does not disappear, board damage is possible


H5 – Breakdown of outdoor unit PCB


H7 – Energy Saving Inverter (responsible for compressor on/off in inverter AC units) shows possible breakage of compressor


H8 – Excessive condensate in the drainage system


H9 – Electric heater breakage


H0 – Risk of evaporator overheating in inverter split systems


FH – Risk of evaporator frosting in inverter split systems


FA – Risk of condenser or evaporator breakage at insufficient rotating speed (in inverter split systems)


All errors and malfunctions of the air conditioner in this mode require professional diagnostics.


On cooling

Almost all Gree air conditioner errors on cooling indicate the malfunction of sensors. There are a lot of them in the split systems of this manufacturer. Here are the most common error codes for sensor failure:


F1 – On evaporator


F2 – On the condenser


F3 – On the outdoor unit (outdoor temperature measurement)


F4 – Discharge sensor


F5 – On the compressor discharge tube


Only special equipment can check the correctness of the indicator sensors. If the temperature is higher than the resistance of this part, the sensor fails.


There are also other operating errors present in this mode, viz:


F6 – Capacitor overheating. Usually, this problem occurs when the fan speed is too low. Freon leakage is also possible.


F7 – System oil leakage


F8 and F9 – Risk of compressor failure at low speed. There can be many reasons for overloading


FF – Absence of power on one or more phases. Continuity of communication should be checked


To sum up

There are a lot of errors in Gree air conditioners. Not all of them are very frequent or require serious repair. If you can’t solve a simple problem (such as H1, H6, or E0) on your own, always call a technician. A specialist will conduct a thorough diagnosis that will accurately identify the problem and discuss methods of solving it.


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