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How do I clean my own air conditioner at home?

Even the most advanced split system needs regular cleaning and maintenance. During operation, dirt accumulates inside the climate equipment, which is a favorable environment for the reproduction of harmful bacteria, mold, and fungus. As a result, all this gets into the air we breathe.

To avoid contamination of the microclimate in the living room, you should perform timely cleaning and flushing of the air conditioner. Here are obvious situations when it is worth cleaning your split-system immediately:

– Unpleasant odor after starting the air conditioner;
– Loss of power and increased power consumption;
– Unusual noises (humming, crackling, etc.) during operation of the split system;
– Condensate leakage.

Non-regular cleaning of the climatic equipment can lead to its breakage. That is why it is very important to have the air conditioner cleaned with your own hands once a year or to use the services of a professional specialist.

How to clean air conditioner by yourself: parsing the steps of the work.
Cleaning the split system at home passes in several steps. We will consider the main parts of climatic equipment, which are subject to cleaning. Before starting the work, do not forget to disconnect the split system from the power supply and prepare the area around (cover with oilcloth or newspapers). To clean and wash the air conditioner you will need a soft cloth, a toothbrush, soap, and water. If you have a vacuum cleaner in your house, it can also be used.

Next, we will look at how to clean the individual elements of the air conditioner yourself.

Mesh filters.
This is the first thing that needs to be done. To access the filters, it pays to know how to open the air conditioner to clean the filter. As a rule, the cover of the indoor unit is fixed on several latches. Therefore, it is enough to pick it up and pull it up until it stops.

To remove the strainers, you need to lift them up slightly (by the special stop at the bottom) and then pull them towards you. It is important to know how to clean and wash air conditioner filters correctly. For example, if you put this part under running water more than 6 times in a row, the product may lose its flow capacity.

Here’s how you should clean your air conditioner filter at home:

– Rinse the part under cool running water (without using a washcloth or rag);
– If dirt remains, immerse the filter in a warm soapy solution for 30-40 minutes and rinse again under water;
– Dry the parts naturally (using a radiator, hair dryer or fan is strongly discouraged);
– wipe down the filters with a soft cloth.

Before you put the strainers back, it is necessary to clean the radiator of the air conditioner. It is between its plates that dust often accumulates. If the dirt is minor and the radiator is not deeply clogged, you can use an ordinary brush, such as an old toothbrush. After cleaning the plates from dust, it is recommended to go over the surface with a powerful vacuum cleaner and then go over with a damp rag.

With more serious contamination, the dirt goes deep into the radiator, mixes with condensation, and forms a dirty film. In such cases, there is no effective way to clean the air conditioner at home by yourself. To remove the dirt, you will need specialized equipment, such as a Kercher. It is recommended to remove the radiator of the split system and wash it with a high-pressure washing machine.

The fan.
The blades of this part of the climatic equipment also accumulate dust. To clean the air conditioner fan with your own hands you will need a brush and a wet rag. You can also use a soapy solution. First, you need to wet each blade with warm water, then clean the elements of the part with a brush (or toothbrush).

It is very important to do the work carefully. The slightest damage to the blade will require replacing the entire part.

External unit
This is the most difficult stage of air conditioner cleaning. Doing this work by yourself is not recommended, as it is associated with a number of difficulties:

– Uncomfortable and unsafe location of the unit (especially in high-rise buildings);
– The need to use professional equipment (steam cleaner, mini washer);
– High risk of damaging electrical wiring or the refrigerant line.

Cleaning and flushing of the air conditioner’s outdoor unit should only be trusted by professionals.

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