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Choosing an air conditioner in an apartment – what you need to pay attention to?

Air conditioners are among the most important pieces of equipment for a comfortable human life. On hot summer days, such equipment cools the air and makes us feel comfortable, and in the winter season, it creates the optimal temperature by heating the air.

The modern market is simply overflowing with a wide range of different models of air conditioners, so choosing an air conditioner for the house is not an easy task for many users.

Before you buy such equipment, you must first know what type it is. There are three types of air conditioners: split systems, window air conditioners, and mobile.

The simplest is the window air conditioner-monoblock. It is installed on the wall or in the window opening. Compared to other climate systems, it is inexpensive. By choosing such a model, you can save a lot of money, but, unfortunately, not all window air conditioners can heat the apartment. In addition, due to the installation of this type of air conditioner, the lighting of the room will decrease, and there will be a lot of noise from its operation.

A split system is probably the most popular air conditioner today, which is used not only for residential buildings but also for many offices. Compared to window monoblocks, the split system consists of two units that are connected by special tubes. This system has many advantages: safe operation, quiet operation, ease of management, and installation anywhere in the house.

Split systems need professional maintenance and additional costs for their operation.

Mobile types of air conditioners are suitable for small apartments. Installation of such systems is very simple and can be done without the help of professionals. Such products have wheels with which they can move to any place convenient for you. Despite the fact that such devices are easy to install and inexpensive, they are very noisy and have low cooling power.

An important aspect when choosing such equipment is its power. The calculation of power should be given special attention because if you buy a low-power model, it will not be able to cope with the cooling of your room. The device will work for wear and tear, which will eventually lead to the breakdown of the air conditioner. Choose the model of the climate system taking into account the fact that for every 10 square meters of the room you need 1000 watts of power.

In addition, pay attention to the functions of the air conditioner. As a rule, they are all similar to each other, but models with advanced functionality are also available. Therefore, before buying such a mechanism, figure out whether you really need such additional modes.

As for the manufacturer, it is better to choose a device from well-known brands, so that in the future, you can find spare parts for the air conditioner.

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