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How to calculate the power of the air conditioner?

When choosing a climate system, you need to be well-versed in its design in order to determine the required power value of such a device.

If you rely only on advertising slogans and popular brands when buying, you are unlikely to get the expected result. After a while, you will understand that such a calculation was wrong. In order to correctly calculate the power of home appliances, you need to follow a special system that considers every nuance.

That is, when calculating the power, you need to take into account such data as:

– the area of the room in which the system will be installed;
– ceiling height;
– power consumption;
– lighting power;
– the number of electrical appliances in the house;
– the total power value of all household mechanisms.

When calculating power, you can use different systems, but in any case, the calculation should be carried out taking into account the above parameters. However, do not forget that such calculations are approximate, because the resulting power value cannot be taken as absolute truth.

Some users consider such calculations unnecessary and are guided by the indicators from the manufacturer, which are indicated on the box of the device. But, this is not always correct, since all manufacturers’ products may differ, so the calculation should be carried out taking into account such parameters.

The power of the climate system and the quality of its work directly depend on the number of heat inflows that are present in the cooled room. Such heat inflows can be all the equipment working in the house, people, etc. Just heat inflows can become an obstacle to the effective operation of the entire system. Thus, in order to find out the required power of the air conditioner, you need to calculate the value of heat inflows. This can be done using the following formula:

Q (heat inflows) = S (room area) * h (room height) * q (average coefficient 35 – 40 W / sq. M).

The coefficient q implies the coefficient of the room area, taking into account how much sunlight enters it.

Having made such calculations, you can choose an air conditioner model with the power you need. You can also calculate the required power on one of the specialized sites, using a virtual calculator.

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