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About the “I Feel” function in the air conditioner

Very often users can not decide what temperature in the house is the most comfortable for them. In summer, as a rule, it is very hot, so people set the minimum temperature on the climate system, about +16 C, and in winter – the highest is +26 C. In fact, this is irrational use of electricity, and in addition, this temperature can not usually be perceived by the human body. Thus, out of ignorance of what temperature value is most comfortable for the body, users set such a temperature. For this reason, the “I Feel” function appeared.

“I Feel” is a very smart option that makes it possible to choose the most comfortable conditions specifically for each consumer. When you start this function, a special microprocessor of the air conditioner determines the temperature in the room: if it is more than 25C, the device begins to cool the room, at a temperature of 23 to 25C, the Dry mode is turned on, that is, air drying, and at a temperature of less than 23C, the climate system works on heating.

In addition, based on the temperature, the air conditioner can not only turn on the desired mode but also determine the target temperature. That is, if the temperature in your apartment is 26C, the device regulates it to the target temperature, that is, only 2 degrees lower. On conventional remote air conditioner controls, the temperature can be set using the -1 and +1 buttons, and on-air conditioners with the “I Feel” mode – the temperature is selected by the “Too Cool” and “Too Warm” buttons, that is, “too cold” and “too hot”.

When you press these buttons, the climate system lowers or raises the temperature value not by one degree, but by a certain value, that is, selects the target temperature. It all depends on what mode was set by users before. It is clear that it is not always possible to set the optimal temperature in the house with one button, but after a few presses, the mechanism can very accurately determine the temperature for your room. After that, temperature control will be much easier. Do not forget that if you do not like this option, you can always switch to the normal temperature control mode.

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