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Everything you need to know about Samsung air conditioners

You decided to buy an air conditioner, but can not choose the manufacturer of such equipment? Then you will be interested to know all the advantages and disadvantages of air conditioners from the brand Samsung. Thanks to innovative technologies and good characteristics, such equipment is very popular among users. In more expensive models of air conditioners, S-Plasma Ion and HD filters are used. What are these technologies and what are they for?

The main task of the S-Plasma Ion ionizer is to release active oxygen and hydrogen ions. When such ions combine and meet with the virus, they turn into steam and thus cannot harm a person. In other words, ionization is needed to clean the air in the room from various allergens and bacteria that the filter cannot cope with.

HD filters can clean the air of dust by 90%. In addition to dust, such filters can capture some bacteria. Cleaning such an element is very simple, you just need to rinse it with water.

When operating any climate technology model, air cooling quality depends primarily on the width of the airflow. Samsung has maximized this indicator by installing blinds in the air conditioner, which can rotate 120 degrees. Thanks to this, you can quickly get the required temperature in the room. In addition, double blinds can be used in Samsung air conditioners. With the help of which significantly increases the flow of cold air. In such air conditioners, there is a sleep mode Good Sleep, which is designed for comfortable sleep for the user. In this mode, the system operates at a certain temperature.

Quiet operation of the air conditioner is a very important characteristic. Reduce noise during the operation of the air conditioner, the type of fan plays an important role.

Absolutely all components of Samsung air conditioner are protected from negative impact. Therefore, the service life of such climate systems is somewhat longer than others. The air conditioner engine has protection against overloads that may occur in the summer. Metal parts are protected from corrosion by special plates. To adapt the device to voltage surges, a special modern controller is built into them.

A unique remote control is used to control the air conditioner. Samsung developers have invented wireless control of air conditioners (Smart Wif technology). Thanks to this technology, the user can control the air conditioner even outside his home.

The Samsung air conditioner remote control has a large display and a convenient button layout. Thus, based on all of the above, Samsung air conditioners are always in high demand.

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