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Failed condenser for air conditioners

The condenser is the main element in any climate system. Let’s try to understand the principle of operation of such an element.

The air conditioner condenser is a heat exchange device that converts substances into a liquid state by cooling. Not only climate systems are equipped with these parts, but also various thermal and nuclear power plants, where the condensation of the steam exhausted in the turbines occurs.

One ton of steam is obtained from about 50 tons of water, which is why nuclear and thermal power plants use such a large amount of water. The condensation method is used to separate mixtures of vapors of substances that condense at different temperatures. It follows that during condensation, the temperature does not change until the vapor is completely condensed. With the arrival of a new portion of steam, the dynamic equilibrium of the condenser occurs.

In climate technology, condensers are used to condense refrigerant vapors. The such device consists of two elements: a heat exchanger and a fan. The heat exchanger is similar in structure to a car radiator and consists of tubes. The tubes are staggered to avoid the formation of aerodynamic shadow.

Freon flows from top to bottom because the temperature is lower at the top and cooling is faster. In the middle of the heat exchanger, the temperature value does not change, so only vapor condensation occurs there. The condensation temperature ranges from 42 to 55 degrees. Air enters the heat exchanger with the help of a fan.

Air-cooled condensers are not very profitable, as they throw heat “to the wind”.

Pipe-in-pipe condensers consist of two pipelines that are located inside each other. This type of condenser is very light and compact, so it is installed in low-power air conditioners. There are plate capacitors, which consist of two isolated circuits. Such capacitors are used in air conditioners of low and medium power.




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