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Types of air conditioners for your home

The market of household appliances presents a huge range of different models of air conditioners, the difference between which not all consumers can see. In order to facilitate your choice of such a mechanism, consider some varieties of air conditioners and the features of their work.

All models of household air conditioners can be divided into 2 groups: split systems and monoblocks. In short, then:

– split systems have two units: outdoor and indoor, and can be mounted in any type of room;

– monoblocks have only one unit and are intended only for installation inside the building or in a window opening.

As a rule, monoblocks cost much less than split systems and do not require special maintenance by masters. Their main drawback is that they are very noisy during operation. Split systems require constant professional maintenance, but create more comfort when used than any monoblocks.

Types of split systems.

Split systems may differ in the method of installation:

– Duct systems. Cold air is supplied through special channels to the necessary places in the room. Such systems are perfect for large houses or country cottages. The disadvantage of duct systems is that their installation requires the installation of ventilation ducts, so they can not be installed in houses of old planning.

– Wall systems. They include an indoor unit that is built into the room and can significantly change the interior of the room, so you need to choose such systems very carefully. The wall-mounted air conditioner is perfect for installation in small city apartments.

– ceiling and floor systems. Such systems are very similar to wall systems, but they are installed on the floor or on the ceiling in the room.

– Cassette air conditioners. The indoor unit of such an air conditioner is installed above the suspended ceilings, and the air is supplied to the room through the grille, which is installed in the ceiling. So, the main advantage of these types of air conditioners is that they are divided into 2 blocks. Due to this, the noise during their operation is reduced. Only the indoor unit is installed in the room, in which the air conditioner fan and heat exchanger are located. You can adjust the temperature and the direction of airflow yourself.

It is also worth mentioning multi-split systems, which are based on several entertaining indoor units and one powerful outdoor unit. This design of the air conditioning system makes it possible not to install a separate outdoor unit for each room in the room.

So, we have dealt with the most basic types of climate systems. We hope you have made your choice.

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