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What is important to know about the marking and specifications of air conditioners

Manufacturers mark the manufactured air conditioners with numerical and alphabetic values, which mean the performance characteristics of the device. Knowing the decipher of the marking of air conditioning systems will be easier for the buyer to make a choice.

What is an air conditioner marking
Different coding systems are used to identify products. There is no single approach to the labeling of air conditioners. But there is a certain amount of information that manufacturers put in the labeling of air conditioners.

What information is there in marking of split systems:

1. Appointment of the device: domestic, semi-industrial, industrial.
2. Power parameter.
3. Model of the air conditioner.
4. Type of compressor: normal, inverter.
5. Type of Freon recommended charging the system.
6. Power supply type: 1, 3 phase.
7. Year the model was put on the market.

Contents of the marks on the air conditioner
On the external unit of the split system, manufacturers fix the information plate with the main technical characteristics of the device.

Contents of the designations on the nameplate of the air conditioner:

– manufacturer’s logo/brand name;
– unit model;
– serial number;
– unit issue;
– unit type;
– the weight of the unit;
– power consumption;
– refrigerant brand;
– maximum refrigerant pressure value;
– additional information on the operation of the unit.

How to decipher the marking of the air conditioner
On the front panel of the indoor unit, the model name and marking from the set of numbers and letters are also indicated. Let’s consider how these values are deciphered.

Deciphering the marks on the conditioners:

1. GWH or SRK – domestic air conditioner, GU or SRR – a semi-industrial type of equipment.
2. The next two digits – 07, 09, 12, 13, 14, 18, 24, 27, or 30 – are the capacity of the split system, measured in Btu/hr. “07” is 2.1 watts, “09” is 2.6 watts, “12” is 3.5 watts, “18” is 5.2 watts, etc.
3. Next, the letter and number values that identify the series and model of the appliance are listed.
4. The last set of numbers, 1/4 3/8, 1/4 1/2 or ¼, 5/8, defines the diameter of the copper pipe given in inches.

In addition to the numeric and alphabetic values, there may be additional stickers and flyers on the air conditioner case showing a list of optional features of the appliance.

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