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Air conditioner error codes: types, description

Modern air conditioners are equipped with a self-diagnostic system, which checks the efficiency of technology in automatic mode. When a malfunction is detected, the device gives a signal with a blinking LED or a coded message on the display.

In this article, we will review information about air conditioner error codes, why they can occur, the main options for breakdown codes, and how to fix them.

Air conditioner self-diagnostic system
For the convenience of users, manufacturers equip air conditioners with a large set of useful functions, one of which is the self-diagnostic system. This auxiliary tool timely detects the slightest malfunction of air-conditioning equipment and informs about possible malfunctions and breakdowns, which in its turn saves the owner from unnecessary expenses for equipment repair.

Some malfunctions can be corrected by the owner himself, while others require the intervention of an experienced specialist from the service center. The error codes will help to determine the cause of the malfunction and the need to call a master.

Where are the error codes displayed (depending on the air conditioner model):

– On the display of the device.
– On the remote control.
– On the LEDs on the unit. In normal mode, they are lit with a steady light. If there is a malfunction in the equipment, the LEDs blink with small interruptions.

To determine the breakdown by the error code, the owner needs to study the deciphering of symbols.

Classification of air conditioner error codes
Air conditioner fault codes are classified according to a common symbol combination system and consist of 2-3 or more characters. They can be only numbers or letters of the Latin alphabet, as well as a combination of letters and 1-2 numbers.

The alphabetic characters determine where the failure occurred, and the number or the number of blinks of the diode can be used to determine what kind of failure occurred.

Classification of error codes:

1. Simple character codes.
2. 2-digit detailing designations.
3. Simplified 3-digit signal.

The owner of the device does not need to memorize all the symbols and error codes of air conditioners, especially since they are different in each brand of equipment. It is enough to pay attention to the problem in time and disconnect the unit from the network before finding out the reasons for the malfunction.

The air conditioners instruction manual publishes information about the codes, which will allow the owner to determine the type and complexity of the breakdown. If the problem cannot be solved by yourself, you will have to call a master from the service center.

Symbol error codes of air conditioners
Symbol codes are represented in the form of several characters, such as “*”. To understand the error in this case you can not by the symbol itself, but by its number. As a rule, symbol error codes are displayed on the control panel.

Two-digit air conditioner error codes
Two-digit error codes use Latin letters and numbers. The first part of the code, displayed in letters, is responsible for the structural components of the split system.

Deciphering the symbols (briefly):

– “A” and “B” – faults of the indoor unit;
– “E”, “H”, “F”, “J”, “L”, “P” – problems occurred in the outdoor unit;
– “U” and “M” – these codes signal system problems.

The second error code is represented by digits in the sequence from 0 to 9. To determine the exact cause of the problem, it is advisable to study the user manual included with the air conditioner.

Three-digit air conditioner error codes
Three-digit error codes use letters and numbers, most often in a combination of one letter symbol and two numbers. There is a detailed deciphering in the accompanying manual.

How to troubleshoot
With the correct deciphering of the error codes of the air conditioner, some malfunctions can be eliminated by yourself without resorting to the help of specialists. Let’s consider the most common causes of malfunctions that the owner of climate equipment can handle.

Troubleshooting of air conditioners and ways to fix them:

1. Contamination of the filters. Requires cleaning by rinsing under running water.
2. System overheating due to dirty radiator. This mechanism must also be cleaned of dust and other contaminants.
3. Condensate is leaking from the indoor unit. The owner needs to disconnect and clean the drain tube, and then dry and return it to its original position.
4. Poor cooling of the air conditioner, provoked by a clogged capillary tube. Cleaning is done by vacuum method.
5. The indoor unit fan is dirty. Cleaning of the blades is performed using a soapy solution, a soft rag, and a brush.

More serious problems that cause the failure of the climate control equipment, it is not recommended to fix on your own, not having the appropriate experience and skills. It is better to entrust the repair and replacement of defective parts to qualified specialists from the service center.

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