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Main breakdowns of air conditioners and their causes

Conditioners have different mechanisms in their structure, which provide the proper functionality of the device. But for a number of reasons, climate equipment can fail.

In this article, we will consider the most widespread malfunctions of air conditioners, why they can arise, and how to repair the equipment and avoid breakage.

Signs of AC malfunction

The malfunction of the air conditioner is indicated by some signs. Let’s consider the most common ones.

Signs of appliance malfunction:

– The air conditioner has stopped cooling the air;
– excessive cooling or heating of the room;
– water dripping or dripping from the indoor unit;
– Condensate appears on the external or internal unit;
– Spontaneous shutdown of the appliance during operation;
– The air conditioner stops turning on;
– Unusual sounds or vibrations are observed during operation;
– Unpleasant odors are emitted from the air conditioner.

The air conditioner does not turn on
There are several reasons why the air conditioner does not operate and respond to the remote control.

Causes of malfunction:

– the unit is disconnected from the power supply;
– battery depletion in the remote control;
– malfunction of the remote control;
– Breach of interblock cable connection;
– failure of the control board in the internal module;
– protection mode is activated (fault code will appear on the display).

All causes of malfunction in which the equipment stops switching on are related to electricity, so it is unacceptable to eliminate the problem yourself, not having the appropriate experience and knowledge. The owner of the device can only check the connection to the mains and the serviceability of the control panel with the replacement of batteries. If this does not help, it is necessary to call a specialist to repair the equipment.

A short cycle of work

If the conditioner switches off spontaneously a few minutes after start-up, it means that there is a serious problem, and it is necessary to apply the service for the repair of climatic systems. For troubleshooting, you will need a special tool and in some cases even new spare parts for replacement.

There are several reasons for the short cycle of operation:

– Control board malfunction;
– overheated compressor;
– The fan in the external unit is out of order;
– evaporator or filters are dirty.

If the breakage is serious and the cost of work, including replacement parts, is prohibitively high, it makes sense to consider buying a new air conditioner. Such a decision is often actual if it is needed to repair the control board on an inexpensive split-equipment of Chinese manufacture.

Problems with cooling or heating

Poor cooling or heating is a fairly common malfunction of climate devices, arising for a number of reasons.

Causes of poor cooling or heating:

– Freon leakage;
– filters clogging;
– failure of inverter module;
– failure of the compressor;
– Failure of a temperature sensor;
– contamination of outdoor unit impeller;
– malfunction in electrical communication between the external and internal modules.

It is difficult to independently identify the true cause of cooling or heating problems. The only true solution, in this case, will also be to call a specialist to repair the split equipment.
Vibration during the air conditioner functioning
Vibration during the air conditioner functioning appears due to several reasons: breakage of an impeller, appearance of ice, or bearing damage. If this symptom occurs, the unit should be turned off immediately and a repairman should be called.

Extraneous noises in the air conditioner
While the air conditioner is working, extraneous noises may occur for a number of reasons – a characteristic crackling, hissing, rattling, strong humming, etc. There may be several reasons that cause atypical noises. Let’s consider them.

Causes of extraneous noises:

– Contamination of the filter or heat exchanger;
– Unreliable fastening of details in the case of the unit;
– Bad tightness of the pipeline;
– failure of control transformer;
– Exhaustion of operating life.

In this case, too, do not do without the help of a master.

Condensate leakage from the air conditioner

During the standard work of the climatic equipment, condensate flows down the drainage line. If the water appeared on the indoor unit, it means that there are some malfunctions that need to be eliminated immediately.

The main cause of condensate leakage is a clogged drain pipe. This problem can be solved by yourself. To do this, you need to disconnect the air conditioner from the mains, disconnect the drain pipes, clean them carefully and dry them. Cleaned tubes are installed back in their places and then you can connect the conditioner to a network and check its work.

If this way doesn’t help to solve the problem with a condensate, you have to call a specialist. Condensate leakage can also be provoked by a dirty evaporator filter or failure to comply with the necessary angle of inclination when fixing the indoor unit on the surface.

Causes of breakdowns and their prevention

The causes of breakdowns of air conditioners are varied, and to exclude any malfunction of the equipment, you need to follow all the rules of operation and timely maintenance of the device.

Preventive measures:

1. The minimum frequency for preventive inspections – is once a year. It is better to do it before the beginning of the warm season.
2. Timely charging of the air conditioner with freon.
Clean filters and internal parts of the appliance (carried out by a specialist).

Repair of air conditioning equipment is better to trusted by professionals. The intervention of inexperienced users can provoke new breakages, which require even more expenses or complete replacement of climate control equipment.

After buying an air conditioner, be sure to read the user’s manual and follow all recommendations of the manufacturer.

Don’t delay your air conditioner repair. Do not forget that repairing is much easier and cheaper immediately after a breakdown occurs. If your air conditioner is working, but making strange noises or not cooling the room enough, it means it’s time to contact the technicians.

Don’t wait until the air conditioner is completely out of order. In the case of untimely repairs, there is a high possibility that a long complex repair will be required. Even a few days without air conditioning in the summer heat in San Diego County, CA will bring great discomfort to the whole family. But by calling the masters from SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning you can avoid this problem.

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