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Where to install air conditioning in apartments and private homes

Many customers choose the place for air conditioner installation thoughtlessly, and in vain. The effectiveness of the equipment, the risk of its sudden breakage, and also comfort for people living there depend much on this nuance.

In this article, we will consider what you need to consider when choosing a place to install an air conditioner, the basic requirements for installation, and the peculiarities of the optimal installation in different rooms.

What is important to know about air conditioner installation
The split system consists of an external block, installed from the street side, and an internal one, which is installed directly in the room. Electrical and freon communications are laid between the units. Connection is carried out by qualified experts, using a special tool in their work.

While installing the indoor unit of split-system it is important to provide free air circulation in the premise, without any obstacles to the cooling airflow.

The outer unit must be protected from various influences that can damage the unit: pouring rain, falling icicles, or snow avalanches from the roof. The structure is mounted on the outside of the building with the use of quality fixing elements. It is desirable to install the unit on the shady side, under a window with an opening sash, which provides the convenience of maintenance.

There are also monoblock conditioners of the floor and window type. The construction is very simple, all working components are immersed into one body.

It is forbidden to install outside blocks of air conditioner on the glazed balconies, preventing heat escape, as well as close to the ground, near the trees and gas utilities.

When installing the air conditioner, be sure to consider condensate drainage. Do not allow water to get on the wall. The mounted drainage system, which can also be included in the equipment installation project, will help to exclude such wetting.

Requirements for air conditioner location
The efficiency and longevity of the conditioner’s life depend on the place of its location. There are some requirements for the installation of split equipment, which must necessarily be taken into account during installation work.

Main rules of installation:

1. There should be no less than 15 cm of hollow space between the ceiling and the indoor unit.
2. There should be at least a 10 cm distance between the nearest vertical surface.
3. The indoor unit must not be installed under shelves, cabinets, and other vertical surfaces, as well as over appliances that produce heat.
4. The indoor unit of the split system should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
5. The freon pipes connecting the outdoor unit to the indoor unit should not be bent too much.

Useful recommendations:

1. It is advisable to choose a convenient place for the installation of the air conditioner so that it is as accessible as possible for technical service.
2. Try not to create a long route of communication systems between the indoor and outdoor units, which will require refilling with freon.
3. it is better to install the air conditioner at the stage of repair work.
4. It is undesirable to install the cooling unit in front of the entrance to the room.

Where it is better to install conditioner in the apartment
It is very important to choose the right place for the installation of a conditioner in a dwelling space. It should create a pleasant coolness for people living there, not causing overcooling with the development of colds. Consider different variants for the installation of split-system in the apartments.

1 room apartment
In a one-room apartment you can install a multisystem with two blocks of indoor installation and one outdoor, or several air conditioners with separate installations in each room.

Another good option is to install a duct system using low-pressure equipment. The only nuance – is a more expensive installation, which has some features.

An economical option for a 1-bedroom apartment is the installation of wall mounted split system, which covers the whole area of the inner space with the air streams. But you should understand that in a room where the equipment is installed, the temperature will always differ from the air temperature in other rooms.

One bedroom apartment
In two-room apartments, it is better to install conditioner in the biggest room by area. It will provide a uniform distribution of cooled air over other rooms in the apartment.

Before choosing a place for the installation of conditioner in a 2-room apartment, carefully study the plan of room location. The best place for installation will be the room that is directly connected to other rooms in the apartment. And also take into account the necessity to direct air flows from the air conditioner to the doorways of the adjacent rooms.

Peculiarities of air conditioner installation in the room
An improperly installed air conditioner can cause frequent colds. To create a comfortable microclimate in the house, intelligently choose a place for the installation of split equipment.

Do not install conditioner:

– above the heating equipment;
– opposite a sleeping or working place;
– On an uneven or weak wall;
– in places where there are obstacles to free air circulation.

Now let’s consider variants of split-system location in different rooms.

If a bedroom is chosen for installing climatic equipment, it is necessary to think over the place for installation, so the stream of cooled air will not fall on people having a rest but will pass near the bed, providing a pleasant coolness in the room.

If the room is small and there are almost no variants for installation, choose the conditioner with a differently directed air stream that allows regulating the direction of the outgoing stream independently.

Living room
In a living room, a conditioner should be installed by a similar principle: a cold stream of air should not be directed at people, and that means that while installing it is necessary to take into consideration the furniture location.

The optimal places for installation of the split system:

– On the wall to the right or left of the upholstered furniture;
– above the entrance door;
– near the window opening.

If you want the air conditioner to be in harmony with the living room interior, it is recommended to choose the model corresponding in color or design to the general concept of living space decoration.

It is possible to install a conditioner in a kitchen, but not near gas equipment and a stove. For this room, it is necessary to choose special models, which can cope not only with their main function.

The work of a split system in a kitchen is often complicated by such nuances: high humidity in the premise, high content of grease and soot in the air, and also different smells while cooking, for liquidation of which you often need to open windows. You should not use an air conditioner as an extractor, this device is not designed for such work.

An air conditioner in an apartment or in a private house is a perfect solution for the creation of a pleasant microclimate in living space during hot days. The main thing is to choose the right place for its installation, weighing the pros and cons of each option.

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