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Installation of air conditioning on the balcony: pros and cons, instructions

Efficient operation of air conditioning systems in the apartment provides proper installation. In a complete set of modern split systems, there are two units – indoor and outdoor, which are fixed to the front of the building. If for some reason it is not possible to install a street unit on the facade, you have to choose a convenient place for fixing the case on the balcony.

In this article, we will consider what is important to know about the installation of air conditioners on the balcony/balcony, how to choose a place for the outdoor unit, what to consider when installing, and the order of work.

Is it possible to install conditioner on the balcony
It is quite possible to install outside units of split systems on the balcony. These parts of the apartment are the property of the owner of the apartment, who has the right to decide this issue independently, without obtaining permits from the administrative bodies and owners of the apartment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Installation of air conditioning on the balcony has undeniable advantages. Let’s consider them.


– The outdoor unit will not interfere with the neighbors;
– conditioner will not be exposed to atmospheric precipitation and direct sunbeams; moreover, the risks of mechanical damage to the module are excluded;
– free access to the internal systems of the unit that will allow carrying out the cleaning and other repair and maintenance works with maximum convenience;
– Reduced length of pipelines;
– Reduced costs for installation of equipment due to the lack of necessity of expensive high-altitude works on fixing the unit.

Rules of installation of air conditioner on the balcony/loggia
Installation of an air conditioner on the balcony and loggia has no distinguishing features from the installation performed on the facade of the building, but still, there are some nuances, on which the quality and effectiveness of the climate device will depend.

The main requirements:

– Balcony or loggia should not be glazed (recommended requirement);
– free space for installing the unit, it should not be near other objects that prevent the free circulation of air;
– The height of the module – not less than 10 cm from the ceiling surface or not less than 30 cm from the floor (if the unit is supposed to be placed at a low height, closer to the floor surface).

You also need to think about where the condensate will drain. The best solution will be to install a gutter for the drainage of liquid outside the balcony or in the sewerage pipe.

Variants of installation of the external block of an air conditioner on a balcony
If you intend to install an external air conditioner unit on the balcony or loggia, the first thing to do is to choose a suitable place for its fixation. The main requirement is that it must be an even and firm surface that can withstand the considerable weight of the structure.

Options for placing the unit on the balcony:

1. a side wall where direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitation do not enter. If this wall is a thin partition wall, it must be reinforced in advance, otherwise, it may not be able to withstand the heavy weight of the module.
2. On the balcony parapet, provided it can support a load of 60-80 kg (see the exact weight of the air conditioner unit).
3. On the side of the balcony parapet. This variant of placement is suitable under conditions of remote location from windows and balconies of neighboring apartments.
4. On non-glazed balconies it is possible to install the unit on the wall with the room at the side of the window.

Peculiarities of installation of air conditioner on the balcony with glazing
Experts do not advise installing an air conditioner on a glazed balcony or loggia. The fact is that in the process of operation, the external unit takes away heat from the internal module, as a consequence of which the air temperature will noticeably increase on the glazed balcony. This will lead to overheating of the unit and reduce the effectiveness of its work. To avoid such consequences, you will have to leave the windows of the balcony open all the time.

One more disadvantage of the installation of an air conditioner outside the unit on a glazed balcony is the increased noise level during the operation of the equipment. This is conditioned by sound reflection from the surfaces of the closed balcony.

If there are no other options for placing an outside air conditioner unit, you can install it on a glazed balcony/staircase while adhering to the basic requirements for installing climatic equipment.

Steps of installation of air conditioner on the balcony/staircase
Installation of split systems on balconies and loggias are carried out stage by stage by common rules with the use of special tools.

Installation of the outdoor unit on the balcony:

1. On the chosen place the marking of the place of fixation of the unit is made.
2. Fixing of wall plugs is performed.
3. The power line is prepared.
4. Mounting box is fixed.
5. Next you need to install the indoor unit, after which you can proceed to the installation of the outdoor module. It is installed on special power brackets and fixed on wall plugs. 6.
6. At the next stage, the connection route is formed, the connection of the electric cable, and the laying of the drainage hose.

When the climatic equipment is installed, it is necessary to vacuum the system with the evacuation of air from the line and to check hermeticity. Before the test run of the air-conditioner, the working settings are exposed. The effectiveness of the equipment is checked in different modes.

How to avoid mistakes
Many buyers of climatic devices, wishing to save the budget, perform the installation of blocks on their own. Such an experience often has negative consequences.

The main mistakes of air conditioner installation on the balcony:

– An improperly selected place for fixing the unit.
– Outer unit is installed without pre-measurement, as a result of which the construction is in an uneven position where condensate flows not into the drainage pipe, but onto the floor of the balcony. Also, the noise and vibration of the unit may increase during operation.
– Tubing is not properly connected to the units, causing freon to leak.
– Improperly sized tubes with a smaller diameter than necessary, resulting in an inadequate pressure level. This will result in poor performance of the air conditioner and may cause rapid failure of the compressor.
– Lack of distance between the box and the wall, which leads to overheating of the unit.

Any mistakes made during installation reduce the system’s efficiency and lead to malfunctions and quick equipment breakdowns.

It is better to entrust all work on installing split system units on balconies and loggias to experienced specialists from a service center.

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