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Motors for air conditioners

Motors for air conditioners are of 3 types:


– outdoor unit motors;


– indoor unit motors;


– curtain motors.


The resource of motors for the indoor unit can be several times higher than the resource of the air conditioner itself. But still, such parts can fail.


The reasons for the breakdown of such an element may be errors in the operation of the control board, which sends specific signals to the air conditioner motor. In addition, the engine can break down due to frequent operation of the device or violations of safety regulations. If you do not clean the main parts inside the machine in time, do not make timely replacements and repair of failed components, and make the device work “for wear”, you can significantly reduce the service life of its engines.


According to the statistics of masters, the main cause of the malfunction of motors is the clogging of condenser filters. The outdoor unit motor is located in the scroll compressor-inverter and controls the frequency. Thanks this motor increase the performance and cooling capacity of the air conditioner.


Often users are faced with such problems as disruption of air supply to the room, the curtain of the device does not rise, etc. Such problems occur only when the curtain motors break down. This is not surprising, because such motors are considered one of the most vulnerable parts in such a design. The problem of malfunction can also be hidden behind the metal shell or in damage to the attachment points of the air conditioner.


In any situation, after replacing the motors of the curtains, such difficulties will immediately disappear. 


Don’t delay your air conditioner repair. Remember that repairing is much easier and cheaper immediately after a breakdown occurs. If your air conditioner is working, but making strange noises or not cooling the room enough, it means it’s time to contact the technicians.


Don’t wait until the air conditioner is completely out of order. In the case of untimely repairs, there is a very high possibility that a long complex repair will be required. Even a few days without air conditioning in the summer heat in San Diego County, CA will bring great discomfort to the whole family. But by calling the masters from SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning you can avoid this problem.


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