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Advantages and disadvantages of ducted air conditioners

Ducted types of air conditioners have approximately the same advantages as huge industrial climate systems. The cost of these types of air conditioners is quite high, so it is profitable to install them only in large rooms in order to recoup the costs of their installation and purchase.


Advantages of such systems:


– The system can work simultaneously for several rooms. It often happens that the area of the entire room is small, but the air exchange between the rooms is difficult. To ensure effective air conditioning in such a house, you need to install an air conditioner in each room. It will be more profitable and cheaper to install one centralized system.


– Air conditioning in a large area of the room. The channel system is designed in such a way that fresh air enters all the necessary zones and the air temperature is the same everywhere.


– When operating a ducted air conditioner, all its elements are hidden under the wall or ceiling. Users can see only the panels or diffusers of the device.


– The channel system provides great opportunities for its design. It can be mounted in different ways, depending on all user requirements.


It is clear that no model of equipment is perfect, so ducted air conditioners have their drawbacks. The smaller the area of the building in which such an air conditioner is installed, the more often its shortcomings will be manifested. They can be as follows:


– The increased volume of the device, which is even more pronounced in a small room.


– High cost of the device itself and expensive spare parts for the air conditioner.


– Complex and expensive installation of the channel system.


– A lot of space is required for the elements of the air conditioning system (20 cm for the duct and 40 cm for the main unit).


So, we have considered all the pros and cons of the channel air conditioner. The choice depends only on you!


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