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Air conditioners of inverter type

Inverter-type air conditioners have appeared on our market of household appliances quite recently. Such a device was first developed in Japan.


To begin with, let’s understand what the word “inverter” means. From Latin, the word “inverto” means “to turn over, change”. This suggests that in such air conditioners, you can adjust the operation of the compressor. Compared to conventional air conditioners, inverter mechanisms have many advantages. They work much more accurately and can reach the desired temperature level in the room faster.


Inverter air conditioners are very economical due to the quality and continuous operation of the compressor. After starting such a device, its engine operates at full power until it increases or decreases the temperature in the room, after which it switches to slow mode. The principle of operation of a conventional climate system is different, as it simply turns off after reaching a certain temperature. This is not very profitable, because each start of the device requires a large amount of electricity, and there is a wear of spare parts of the device. The motor of inverter-type air conditioners works continuously, and their outdoor unit is constantly warm, so such devices are very frost-resistant. The service life of air conditioners is also significantly different, in inverters it is three times longer than in conventional ones.


For what rooms are a household air conditioner better suited?


Such mechanisms are ideal for bedrooms or children’s rooms, as they are very quiet. Also, such equipment is very well suited for office buildings or small production facilities. So, we can conclude that the differences between conventional and inverter air conditioners are very significant. One disadvantage of inverter air conditioners is that they are slightly more expensive, but due to their efficiency, this difference in price can be quickly recouped.


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