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Electronic control module for air conditioners

Control modules for air conditioners are complex boards with an interface, which can be made in the form of indicators, light displays, or convenient buttons. Such a board can perform various functions, for example, control over the operating modes of the air conditioner, control over the cooling process itself, and the creation of a “bridge” between the climate system and the power supply and alarm system.


The breakdown of such an element of the climate system can occur for various reasons: sudden voltage drops, mechanical damage to the contacts, or moisture ingress into the air conditioner elements. If your air conditioner refuses to turn on and you have checked everything, but have not found the cause of the problem, you have two options. Remove the cover of the air conditioner and press the “force start air conditioner” button. If the device starts working after that, it means that the control panel is broken. But if everything still does not work, then the problems are much more serious, and you need to repair the control board.


To remove the module, you need to unscrew the screws that secure the case. When removing the case, you need to be very careful not to damage the internal unit of the mechanism. If you apply a little more force, you can dislodge the entire device from the mounts, which can cause the indoor unit to leak. Next, carefully remove the board and inspect it carefully. If the fuse is blown, you need to replace it. Well, if there is nothing wrong with the fuse, but the device still does not work, call a qualified SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning technician who will carry out high-quality repairs to your equipment.


Don’t delay your air conditioner repair. Don’t forget that repairing is much easier and cheaper immediately after a breakdown occurs. If your air conditioner is working, but making strange noises or not cooling the room enough, it means it’s time to contact the technicians.


Don’t wait until the air conditioner is completely out of order. In case of untimely repairs, there is a very high possibility that a long complex repair will be required. Even a few days without air conditioning in the summer heat in San Diego County, CA will bring great discomfort to the whole family. But by calling the masters from SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning you can avoid this problem.


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