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You need to switch the air conditioner to heat

For more information on how to switch the air conditioner to heat and activate the heating mode, click here.


After activating the required mode, look for a button such as “Fan” “Fan Speed” or “Speed”. It regulates the speed of rotation of the fan blades. You can choose the “Auto” option, i.e. at the discretion of the system. In devices of the On/Off type, when the set temperature is reached, the heating will turn off automatically. And only the fan will work, which also accelerates heating due to air recirculation. 


In inverter models, the intensity of blade rotation decreases or increases depending on the temperature set. Before turning on the heating on the air conditioner, be sure to consider its type and functionality.


Using the “Fan” button, you can also set individual fan parameters manually. As a rule, there are three main positions. In premium models, there can be 5 or more.


In general, the answer to the question of how to turn on the air conditioner for heat is easy to find in the user manual that comes with any equipment. In it, manufacturers also indicate operating recommendations. If the heating is weak at maximum t values or completely absent, but the cooling works, you should contact a specialist. The reason may be a lack of refrigerant. Also, take into account the maximum temperature ranges.


Important! According to the statistics of large service centers (official dealerships), more than 80% of users ignore the manufacturer’s rules and guidelines (do not service the equipment in a timely manner). At the end of the warranty period, you will have to solve the problem of a non-working air conditioner or its modes yourself.


In case of failures, do not risk the equipment! Contact the specialists of SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning. The masters not only accept applications for a visit to the address but also provide advice online or by phone. You can select services by region, rating, or cost. If you don’t know how to put the air conditioner on heat or find a breakdown, just write to a specialist or contact him in a convenient way, this will save time and eliminate the threat to the equipment.


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