Ducted split system

The devices have a similar construction to the previous type. The main distinguishing feature of the technique is the implementation of supply and exhaust ventilation at the expense of the air duct.


Such systems are installed in multi-room apartments, offices, stores and other rooms of large dimensions.


The external part is a structure consisting of a main unit, supply and exhaust ducts. The number of ducts can be independently adjusted depending on the area that needs to be conditioned.


The indoor unit is placed inside the ceiling structure, so that the communication system and the body of the device are hidden above the suspended ceiling. The location of the unit should be chosen in the middle of the house or other room, so that the ducts are evenly positioned.


In the hidden part of the ceiling of the rooms, the necessary number of ducts are installed to provide air conditioning for all rooms. Each of its outlets is closed by a decorative panel with a grid.


In the internal part of the structure is located an evaporator heat exchanger and fan. The unit is also equipped with an air filter, temperature sensors and a remote control unit.


The ducted unit is designed for air conditioning of recirculation air. However, its special design allows cooling/heating masses with up to 30% of fresh air.


Often this type of ceiling-mounted air conditioner is used in supermarkets or large offices, where the ceilings are high enough and there is no need to select the temperature for each room individually.


A special duct is provided to bring in fresh air masses, through which they are fed into the indoor unit for treatment.


The external structure of the system is equipped with such necessary elements as a condenser heat exchanger with a fan, a compressor, a protection device, a control unit and an external part – the housing. The unit should be placed on the outside wall of the facility with minimal access to the sunlight.


Among the advantages of the unit are the following aspects:


– minimal interference with the design of the room;

– it is possible to condition several or one room of large area at the same time;

– cooling and heating of air streams is possible even with a constant supply of fresh air.


In addition to the advantages, users highlight some negative aspects of using the channel type of device.


For example, of the main disadvantages are:


– Maintaining a single temperature mode without the possibility of regulating it in different rooms;

– the possibility of installing only in rooms with high ceilings;

– for installation you will need to use the services of experts in order to correctly arrange the ducts and the entire system as a whole;

– the high cost of the system.


Duct type ceiling air conditioners are characterized by the possibility of maintaining a constant temperature, and some models are equipped with a dehumidification function, and can operate in the night mode.


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