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Floor-ceiling devices

The devices are characterized by the possibility of their installation under the ceiling and, if necessary, on the floor.


The inner casing of the device has a flat design, so it does not visually clutter the space. It can be installed vertically or horizontally: the wider part is fixed to the wall or ceiling.


Ceiling-mounted units are designed for use in domestic and commercial premises – living rooms, warehouses and utility rooms, cafes, cinemas, etc.


Functionally, this type performs the following actions: cooling, heating, and cleaning air flows.


The function of heating the air masses is possible only by those devices that are equipped with a heat pump.


The internal construction of the device consists of the following elements:


– housing – the outer part of the device;

– evaporator heat exchanger – performs the function of heat removal from the air flows in the cooling mode;

– Internal centrifugal fans – capturing the air masses from the room, moving them through the heat exchanger, and filtering elements;

– control unit – designed to activate the necessary functions.


Filtration of conditioned air occurs due to the air filtering element, which is also located in the indoor unit.


The external structure of the system is mounted on the wall of the building and is connected to the internal one with the help of the inter-unit freon line.


The design of the unit is similar to previous types of ceiling-mounted units. Its main functional elements are a heat exchanger and condenser fan, compressor, control board, and protection device.


The functional element is combined with the internal circuit due to the freon communications, which form a single closed system.


The advantages of this type of air conditioner are even distribution of air flows around the room, the possibility of installation on any ceiling, low noise level, and the low cost of the device installation.


Opposing sides of these devices are high prices and the absence of an opportunity to install them in inter-ceiling spaces.


The considered kinds of split-systems of ceiling type differ in similar installation, a principle of work, but have various positive and negative aspects.


When choosing a unit, you should take into consideration a complex of parameters, technical characteristics, and functionalities in order to organize air conditioning in a premise as correctly as possible.


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